The Cloud is bringing enterprise-grade technology to companies of every size.

The shift from tactical to strategic IT is changing the way IT leaders work. Rather than putting out fires and being a tactical resource, you help create real value by providing services and managing resources to help streamline and automate processes, cut out redundancies, detect and fix security gaps, and contribute vividly in service delivery. 

However, IT teams are stretched thin, struggling to juggle ever-increasing workloads which leaves little time to tackle the bigger picture things like enterprise security, collaboration, and data analytics. Often, a lack of appropriate skillsets keeps technologies from being used to its full potential. 

IT leaders need to reboot and re-tool to effectively adapt to the new world of Cloud IT. 

Softlanding's range of 'ROI' managed services can guide you on your journey.

Aid for all your platforms, get the sustainment you need


Without a well-designed, deployed and maintained IT infrastructure, the availability, performance, and security of your business applications are at risk. Softlanding’s IT ROI services combine the personal touch of in-house IT with the depth and experience of a large scale IT project & services team to help you manage your most complex infrastructure, freeing you to focus on growing your business.

  • Technical Account Management
  • End-to-end IT Support, Monitoring, and User Support
  • 24/7 Priority Support
  • On-premises and Cloud compatible
  • Full-time onsite or remote support
  • vCIO, adoption and roadmap planning
  • Access to the full range of IT skills

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SharePoint ROI

Softlanding is a long established leader in deploying and managing SharePoint solutions for a wide variety of private, public and government organizations. The SharePoint ROI service incorporates operational and sustainment best practices, deep product expertise and a managed services discipline into a comprehensive, fixed monthly cost sustainment offering.

  • Technical Account Management
  • End-to-end SharePoint Infrastructure Support, Monitoring, and User Support
  •  On-premises and Cloud (Office 365) compatible
  • SharePoint platform monitoring and proactive maintenance
  • Access to the full range of SharePoint skills

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Office 365 ROI

The Softlanding Office 365 ROI service offering is designed to provide comprehensive Microsoft Office 365 platform management, adoption planning, analytics, training, and support services to ensure a smooth transition to cloud-based services and the ongoing return on your investment into Office 365.

  • Technical Account Management
  • End-to-end Office 365 Support, Monitoring, and User Support
  • vCIO, adoption, and roadmap planning of Office 365 
  • Office 365 platform monitoring and proactive maintenance
  • Access to the full range of IT skills

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Azure ROI

Softlanding's Azure ROI is a monthly, fixed-fee service offering for organizations seeking Cloud experts to achieve their return on investment. Softlanding's Azure ROI services combine the in-house experience of Microsoft Gold Cloud Partners to deliver ongoing architecture, security and 24/7 Support of your Azure environment. 

  • Delivery Service Management & Quarterly Reporting 
  • Proactive Monitoring and Management of Azure Infrastructure
  • Dashboard reporting and patch management
  • Application Failover/Failback Automation
  • Onboarding & Training 
  • Access to the full range of Azure skills 

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