Consolidating Multiple Platforms for Greater Efficiency

RBC Global Asset Management (GAM) integrates internal web properties for enhanced communication and costs through a consolidated integrated solution.

  • 1,400+ employees
  • Manages more than C$390 billion in assets across Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia
  • Investment Management


  • RBC GAM was using three corporate intranet portals: RBC GAM (US), RBC Asset Management (Toronto) and PH&N OneSource, which supported all of their employees in their day-to-day tasks
  • Disintegrated portals left staff members unable to access, communicate, and share knowledge as efficiently as they can have been
  • RBC GAM needed a way to maintain the quality of communication, keeping it consistent with the quality of their business solutions
  • Needed to solidify their corporate identity by providing one point of access for all information and bringing the together the company culture and vision within one unifying portal


  • Softlanding developed a custom out-of-the-box intranet using SharePoint to consolidate the three non-integrated portals
  • Worked with RBC to create an employee directory that would be included as a central piece of the new intranet, which would allow users to search and browse RBC employees and find extended information in their profiles, making the better equipped to communicate internally
  • Softlanding’s Detailed Planning Phase, a set of interviews and brainstorming sessions with RBC’s business and IT stakeholders provided detailed business and infrastructure requirements.
  • Managing the full scope of the project, Softlanding’s project manager worked closely to ensure that RBC’s content migration plan, infrastructure implementation, user profile synchronization, site collection structure and implementation, site branding, custom component development and custom solution implementation and testing

The Results

Consistent Branding and Company Culture

The new intranet system met all of RBC GAM's identified requirements on top of providing common branding and supporting the promotion of a single corporate culture.

Improved Document Management

Immediately after deployment, information was available to all employees, making content more accessible and easy to find for all RBC GAM staff. They also enjoyed improved document management, content organization, and search capabilities - users no longer needing to rely on IT to manage and update content. 

Increased Efficiency and Productivity

Overall, the unified intranet system enabled RBC GAM to enhance the quality of internal communication while increasing efficiency, productivity and cost savings. Usage of the SharePoint 2010 platform also left the door open for the building of potential successive solutions.

Reduced Reliance on Email

Reliance on email was reduced due to the increased availability of information on the intranet and staff members were able to adopt clearer structured working methods.


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