Setting Foundations for Long-Term Platform Sustainability

Capilano University sets its sights on long-term success by engaging a partner to undertake a crucial SharePoint re-vamp and provide ongoing support moving forward.

  • 500+ employees, 11,000 enrolled students/year
  • Capilano University (CapU) is a North Vancouver, BC based teaching-focused university offering a wide range of programs and services
  • Higher Education


  • Lacking experienced SharePoint professionals on staff, Capilano University saw less than reliable results with the consultants they engaged with over time - leading to limited adoption and poor performance of their SharePoint 2013 intranet

  • “The difficulty we had with SharePoint was that the responsibilities for it were spread throughout our entire IT group due to the complexity of the new environment. Whenever we would run into issues, no one person could own the problem and take care of it. It was getting to be a significant drain on resources,” explains Senior Project Manager, Peter Mulholland.

  • Looking for a qualified partner to help bring their university’s troubled platform to an operable state, Capilano University drew upon Softlanding’s experience within SharePoint to help salvage their existing platform


  • Softlanding first performed an analysis to evaluate what could be salvaged from the existing platform best deciding that it would take less effort and yield a better result by re-packaging features and customizations to best practice standards ensuring long-term stability; thus a re-installation project.

  • Working with CapU stakeholders, Softlanding reviewed SharePoint design and feature requirements

  • ‘SharePoint Search’ was optimized for CapU relevancy requirements, with the farm integrated with F5 Load Balancer and Access Gateways to improve user access performance

  • Training was provided to educate key CapU IT staff on long-term adoption practices

The Results

Fully Stabilized SharePoint Platform

Capilano University’s first notable difference by partnering with Softlanding was finally having a SharePoint environment that functioned properly. With the system now fully stabilized, the IT group at CapU is preparing for a campus-wide rollout.

SharePoint Sustainment and Support

Mindful of SharePoint’s complexity and having seen Softlanding’s range of expertise, Capilano University decided to engage in Softlanding’s SharePoint managed services: SharePointROI

Simplified and Reliable

Capilano University now has a much better and simpler SharePoint infrastructure, refreshed and reliable performance, with proper user training enriched with long-term sustainment of the platform through SharePointROI.

24/7 Monitored Support of Users and Infrastructure

Inclusive of user and infrastructure support, SharePointROI monitors CapU’s environment on a proactive basis, managing any problem areas identified and notifying the IT staff of trending issues and relevant updates.

Rich SharePoint Technical Expertise

With the Softlanding team behind them as an on-demand escalation resource, CapU IT staff now spend less time struggling through technical issues and more time working with stakeholders to solve business problems.

"From our first sit down with the managers and infrastructure team, we felt good about entering into a partnership with Softlanding. We brought our assortment of challenges to the table and their responses really spoke to their level of knowledge and understanding. We came out of that first meeting with a great deal of trust and respect towards the Softlanding team and have appreciated working with them ever since." "Knowing that we were going to continue working with Softlanding through SharePointROI gave us added peace of mind,” explains Mulholland. “Because they were going to be supporting our environment long-term, we had added confidence they would put their best work into the initial infrastructure design and implementation project. Engaging as partners fully aligned our interests in ensuring our new environment would be rock solid, trouble-free and future ready."
Peter Mulholland
Senior Project Manager, Capilano University

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