Current Trends

Hospitality and retail industries are constantly adapting to changing consumer cultures. These industries are currently looking more towards innovative technology within their sectors that can provide a ‘high tech, high touch’ customer experience. Consumers are looking for an increase in self-serve and high-speed options, and so industries are implementing more innovative technology to create seamless connectivity across platforms and devices for the customer.

With the majority of consumers owning smartphones, the importance of electronic and mobile-enabled management is increasing. Mobile e-commerce is growing, and mobile apps are being used as everything from a digital concierge to accessing big data. Social networks continue to be used as shopping platforms, and social media engagement is driving consumer purchasing power. As a result, these platforms are able to market to a greater audience and assist in providing a greater customer experience.

Industries are incorporating more digital technologies to personalize, enhance and enrich experiences for the consumer. The focus is on tech that creates personal customer connections, reduces pain points along the shopper’s journey, and optimizes operational efficiencies. By automating basic guest requests or needs, staff are available for other activities that enhance the guest experience.

How We Can Help

Softlanding has many years of experience migrating clients to Microsoft's Office 365 and Azure Data Centers. SaaS and cloud platform services can provide your customer and business with centrally hosted applications over the Internet. Not only can this improve access within your business, but it is a secure service that can provide seamless connectivity.

Predominant Technologies Adopted

Cloud Computing

Introduce Chargeback/Showback functionality with Pay-Per-Use Consumption under Microsoft Azure.


Improve Internal Communication

Alignment of internal documents and communication structures through a Corporate Intranet Portal.

Added Security

Layer security to protect your integral data with a Security Assessment

Business Analytics and Insight

Derive meaningful insight from mining and energy operations through Power BI.


  • Enable People-Centric IT (BYOD) Device Management

  • Softlanding’s Enterprise Mobility + Security Suite (EMS) QuickStart is a pilot program allowing organizations to quickly evaluate the benefits associated with Microsoft’s EMS suite of products (Microsoft Intune, Azure AD, Azure RMS). 


Disaster Recovery and Backup

Simplify Disaster Recovery and Backup in the Cloud with Azure Site Recovery and Backup.

Case Studies

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West Fraser Mills Case Study

Modernizing Applications to the Cloud, Saving $188K Annually

West Fraser sets sight on cloud-based applications to increase their mill productivity, using technology to set themselves apart.

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