Connecting Remote Workforces with Cloud-based Tools

FourQuest Energy integrates Microsoft’s Enterprise Cloud Suite to easily on- and off-board employees and remote contractors – anywhere, anytime.

  • 200+ employees
  • Canadian oilfield services company based in Edmonton, Canada
  • Dispersed workforce located across Canada, the Middle East, Africa and the Caspian region to provide detailed engineering, custom chemistries, and expert field executive services


  • The fluctuation and uncertainty of the oil and gas industry made the reliance of contractual workers a standard operation. FourQuest needed a simpler solution for on-boarding and off-boarding without having to add additional IT resources to manage the process

  • FourQuest was looking for a solution to consolidate and manage their growing number of SaaS applications to support the productivity and flexibility of their growing mobile workforce

  • FourQuest’s existing MDM solution was standardized for certain devices - they needed an MDM solution that could be universally applied on any device, at any time in as little time as possible


  • Assessing proper Mobile Device Management tools, FourQuest decided that Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility and Security (EMS) Suite was the best cloud-based option for Mobile Device Management to handle the varied mobile devices

  • As a holistic solution to improving ‘BYOD’ security and enterprise mobility, EMS includes Azure Active Directory Premium for identity rights management, Microsoft Intune for mobile device management, and Azure Rights Management for document and data security

  • As an EMS Elite Microsoft Partner, FourQuest picked Softlanding for their depth of experience working on projects of the same scope and size

The Results

Productivity from the Field

Adopting mobility allowed employees to make decisions on the field, facilitating performance, safety, and increasing productivity.

Quick Set-Up and Deprovisioning of Company Devices

With Enterprise Cloud Mobility FourQuest was able to set up contractors in Kazakhstan with Azure Active Directory and Intune which automatically uploaded the supported applications needed from 6,000 miles away in less than a day

Smart Data

The advent of Enterprise Mobility Suite enabled on-demand intelligence to be stored in a centralized way so that it can be stockpiled, analyzed and relayed to those who need it

Selective Wipe Devices in Seconds

The Alberta-based IT team were able to better manage their time - onboarding and off-boarding workers was now as easy as flipping a switch to selectively wipe company-related apps and information off personal phones and computers

Supporting a 'BYOD' Workforce

With Enterprise Mobility + Security, we are building for a more mobile future to support our BYOD workforce and enable productivity from anywhere, anytime

"The team at Softlanding were extremely responsive, providing honest and cutting-edge consulting services to ensure our project ran on-course. It was a relief to find a dependable partner like Softlanding who was agile with their approach and proactive with their project management."
Mark Gannon
IT Manager, FourQuest Energy

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