Cloud Services

Planning to grow or upgrade your business? Cloud technologies can help your business improve staff collaboration, enable your mobile workforce, and scale up your business capacity on an accessible, always available and secure platform.

Our Cloud Services are designed to give businesses the competitive advantage to leverage cloud solutions such as Office 365, Microsoft Azure to help make your “soft landing” to the Cloud.

Office 365 and Azure Cloud Migrations

Azure is Microsoft’s cloud platform and is really an extension of Office 365 - the productivity platform that enables users the flexibility and accessibility to work anywhere, anytime. Softlanding's cloud migration services are designed to give businesses the competitive advantage to leverage cloud solutions such as Office 365 and Microsoft Azure for a “soft landing” to the Cloud.

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Datacenter Migrations

Moving on-premises datacenters or VMs to public, private or hybrid clouds requires efficient cloud adoption strategies to ensure seamless data migration. Softlanding provides skilled professionals leveraging the latest tool sets and technologies to perform migrations in the most effective way minimizing the impact on the business.

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Cloud Roadmap and Strategy Services

Softlanding's Cloud Strategy Roadmap engagement is to guide you in a holistic approach to developing a cloud strategy, building business cases and establishing a roadmap for cloud adoption and implementation. It is designed for organizations that already know what they want to move to the cloud but need assistance in creating a detailed plan on how to do it.

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Application Modernization

Application Modernization is an effective way to reduce operational costs and to reformat in-house applications not meeting the needs of business priorities or outcomes. Softlanding offers many services around App Modernization including: App Assessment and Roadmapping, Planning and Design, Development Services and App Lifecycle Management Services.

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With proper adoption of Cloud services, businesses can fully ensure IT service excellence and proper utilization of technology. Softlanding can flatten the learning curve for technologies such as Office 365, Azure, and SharePoint as well as improve Governance and Communications structures.

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Enterprise Device Management

With the increasing amount of employee-owned devices in the workplace, it can be a challenge finding a scalable and reliable device management platform. Softlanding helps your organization protect its most sensitive information and simplify user device administration with Enterprise Device Management services.

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Cloud Backup

As your business grows, so does your data and the amount of storage management work required to keep up with it. Traditional storage options such as tape technology or secondary back-up locations are a waste of IT resources that could be better allocated with a simple transition to the Cloud. The Cloud through Microsoft Azure offers the security and peace of mind that your business-critical applications and data are safe.

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Cloud Migration Assessments

Avoid performance problems, minimize risk and eliminate business disruption when migrating apps to the cloud. Through proper application discovery, dependency mapping, and risk assessments, Softlanding can provide a proper Cloud Migration Assessment to minimize risk and application performance problems.

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