Your money, your goals.

Save up for future technology investments with unused support hours. 


  1. Business Transformation is our main goal. Rather than acting as purely a reactive managed services provider, Softlanding works with your organization as a partner to uncover transformative wins. Our Accruable Shared Service Pool and Strategic IT Planning provide enterprise-caliber consulting services catered to your business. 


Saving for the future with technology
Shared Services Pool

What is a 'Shared Services Pool' and how does it work?

No two organizations are the same - which is why we don't use a "one size fits all" approach.


At Softlanding, we believe in transparent costs, determining monthly costs cumulated on "known" activities (such as proactive and sustainment activities), hard costs (such as monitoring and software agents) and "unknown" requirements (such as reactive support, disaster recovery, problem escalations, development assistance, etc.). Rather than incorporate a "best guess" amount to cover off the unknowns, Softlanding includes a clearly defined and tracked Shared Service Pool allotment that can be used for any reactive/ad-hoc requirements that arise but can also be used for services that are traditionally out of scope in a fixed. 


From Shared Services Pool to Transformational IT Services

Let's help you knock off projects on your bucket list. 

At Softlanding, our ‘ROI’ IT Managed Services are designed to enable transformation. With our Shared Services Pool, your unused monthly investment will be bucketed towards strategic projects to get you towards your ideal IT end-goal.

Our Business Transformative Portfolio includes

vCIO-services.png vCIO Services

Softlanding can act as a virtual CIO to formulate strategic IT goals, plan IT budgets,  analyze and rework business processes and facilitate technology changes.

Cloud-Management.png Custom Development

Whether its custom web part for your SharePoint intranet, a mobile app, or a business process workflow - Softlanding's team of developers can build bespoke solutions catered to your business needs.

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Analytics.png Data Analytics

Improve decision making, cut costs, monitor risks and identify new business opportunities with business intelligence via PowerBI. 

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Analytics.png Security

Softlanding’s security services are designed to evaluate practices, procedures, and technical controls to uncover and prioritize technical and non-technical security gaps within your organization.

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Simplify-Infrastructure.png IT Simplification and Automation

When overcomplicated infrastructure hinders business productivity, IT simplification through cloud migration and/or automation can yield faster realization of better business outcomes.

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Business-Analysis.png Business Analysis & Technology Strategizing

Improve decision making, cut costs, monitor risks and identify new business opportunities with business intelligence via PowerBI. 

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Mobile-Workforce-Optimization.png Mobile Workforce Optimization

Softlanding helps your organization protect its most sensitive information and simplify user device administration with a Mobile Device Management platform that manages, monitors, secures and supports all mobile devices - regardless of make or carrier.

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Modernization.png Application Modernization

Discover and assess legacy applications to meet business objectives. Softlanding can move, update or replace your current legacy applications to enhance usability and streamline processes.

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Business-Process-Automation.png Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation enables organizations to automate and optimize tasks, integrate multiple applications and processes, as well as boost the productivity of your organization's users.

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"Softlanding has exceeded our expectations in understanding our organization inside and out to provide us with trustworthy technology solutions within our means. They have our best interests in mind, acting more like a partner than a vendor. Their transferable support bucket helps us save for future technology investments."

- Elena Yepes, IT Manager

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