We’re committed to helping business and technology leaders make technology work during these challenges times and keep their business running.

Now, more than ever, we need to stand together and support each other through the variety of challenges that we face during the global Covid-19 crisis.


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Teams Rapid Engagement Menu

Rapid Deployment, made easy

Organizations across all sectors are expanding their usage of Teams to work from home, engage with their stakeholders, deliver remote learning, enable distributed telephony, stream meetings over the internet, and more. Pick and choose the services you need to accelerate your adoption of Teams, regardless of your current state. LEARN MORE

Teams Rapid Deployment

Get up and running with your own Micrisoft Teams environment in less than two weeks

Does your orgnaization need to enable remote working capabilities quickly? Softlanding can get you up and running with your own Microsoft Teams environment in less than 2 weeks. Our approach is tailored to clients' unique needs and will ensure successful roll-out and adoption of Microsoft Teams.



Microsoft Teams Assessment

Accomplish more, anywhere

Bring your organization together with a shared workspace where you can chat, meet, share files, and work with business apps. Spend less time switching between applications, addressing setup and call quality issues, and more time on higher-value activities with your entire team. Softlanding’s Teams Assessment utilizes funding from Microsoft to help your organization take its next step towards Microsoft Teams integration. LEARN MORE

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Microsoft Teams Production Pilot

Achieve more, together

The ultimate collaboration hub for your organization, Microsoft Teams brings together a number of the most important applications that your workforce uses on a daily basis, including Microsoft office-based programs and web-based applications. Whether you're coauthoring a document, having a meeting, or working together in other apps and services, Teams brings a comprehensive and flexible environment for collaboration across applications and devices. Let Softlanding enhance how your organization collaborates using Microsoft Teams. LEARN MORE

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Windows Virtual Desktop

The best virtual desktop experience, delivered on Azure

Softlanding’s Windows Virtual Desktop offering helps your business set up a scaleable and flexible environment in the cloud with less IT overhead. Give your organization a fully managed desktop virtualization system that enables a central management security solution. Whether you’re just getting started or have been planning for a while, Softlanding consultants have the expertise to help with strategy, migrations, implementation development, training, and more. LEARN MORE

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Microsoft Crisis Management App + Site

Coordinate crisis communications with Microsoft Teams + Power Platform

Microsoft’s “Crisis Communication” app, built with Microsoft Power Apps, provides users with a single portal to help ensure they are equipped with recommendations from global health authorities, the latest information from government officials and experts, and company-specific content including relevant contacts, company news, and links to support channels. Working with your emergency management team, Softlanding will ensure that the crisis management app is deployed across your organization, whether as a stand-alone app or part of Microsoft Teams, and facilitate your first push notification to all staff.  LEARN MORE

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