Better communicate, collaborate and engage your employees ​with a quick-to-deploy intranet for a fixed price.

The ability to communicate more effectively, both internally and externally can be instrumental to the success of your business. Most of today’s modern businesses - both large and SMEs - are adopting intranet technology due to its competitive merits in dealing with the corporate information essential for any business.

agileIntranet is a corporate intranet solution crafted and designed by Softlanding to support knowledge management, collaboration, and communication without the large capital investment.

Built for Office 365 and SharePoint

Softlanding’s agileIntranet incorporates knowledge and best practices evolved over many years of on-premises SharePoint implementations into a tailored engagement format optimized for SharePoint Online. The result is a user-centric intranet/portal incorporating a personalized information architecture, content layouts, engagement elements, branding, responsive design and search capabilities without compromising the flexibility and out-of-the-box capabilities of the underlying SharePoint platform.

You can't break it

Customize without the fear of things getting "broken" with every new cloud or SharePoint update. The agileIntranet framework includes optional add-ins and custom components developed by Softlanding to fill gaps in the out-of-the-box SharePoint Online feature set. However, unlike many of the SharePoint “intranet-in-a-box” products currently available, agileIntranet components function independently of each other and do not replace or compromise standard SharePoint functionality or configuration capabilities. Therefore your intranet will be ready to take on all future Office 365 updates!