The new free service that’s defining the costs, rightsizing and readiness of your on-premises resources before moving to Azure. Azure Migrate is the latest tool to use when building your business case to the Cloud.

Are you building a business case to move to the Cloud? Or maybe you’ve already moved some basic workloads, and now you’re ready to take the next step. You want to start migrating critical parts of your infrastructure but figuring out how to do it and how much it’ll cost can be challenging.

Azure Migrate is a service offered by Microsoft to get deep visibility into the environment and the tight interdependencies between applications, workloads, and data. Enabling agentless discovery of VMware-virtualized Windows and Linux virtual machines (VMs), Azure Migrate services enables dependency visualization, for a single VM or a group of VMs to easily identify multi-tier applications. With this information, you can assess your Azure readiness and the associated costs and size recommendations of running these VMs in Azure.

This is a resounding service for organizations contemplating Lift-and-Shift migrations or thinking about Azure for Disaster Recovery and Backup. As this service helps you answer three questions:

1.      Readiness: Is a VM suitable for running in Azure?

2.      Rightsizing: What is the right VM size based on utilization history of CPU, memory, disk (throughput and IOPS), and network?

3.      Cost: How much is the reoccurring cost for running on-premises machines in Azure.

Next Steps

If you’re thinking about migrating to Azure, and have assessed that your monthly Azure costs exceed $6,000 CAD, your organization is eligible for $20,000 CAD of Microsoft Azure FastTrack funding towards the following services delivered by Softlanding:

  • Azure Lift-and-Shift: A two-week engagement to define the requirements, design, and feasibility of migrating infrastructure and/or VMs into the Cloud.
  • Azure Application Modernization: Two-day workshop to develop a high-level architectural design and road-map for migrating existing applications to Azure PaaS services.
  • Azure Virtual Machine Backup: Ten-day engagement to create and configure a simple and cost-effective backup-as-a-service solution.
  • Azure Site Recovery: A ten-day engagement to create, configure, and maintain your business-critical applications within a cloud-based solution.
  • Azure Dev/Test: A two-week engagement to review and build a tailored dev/test environment in Azure for VMs.

Every year, Microsoft provides specific gold-certified Microsoft partners with funding to accelerate the adoption of particular services and platforms. In efforts to motivate organizations to move to the Cloud, Microsoft is working with Softlanding in the West to deliver two-week pilots for organizations looking to develop in Microsoft Azure through a new white glove, high touch program called “FastTrack for Azure”.

There is no cost to entry to the program – all that is needed is a document showing that you have a plan to use the cloud in the future.

Book a consultation with one of our experts to learn more about FastTrack for Azure.


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