Enabling frontline and shift workers with the right technology and tools is critical to maintaining communication and increasing collaboration. Microsoft Teams has the potential to digitally empower the more than 12 million Canadians working in healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and government by keeping them connected in dynamic environments and simplifying the task management process.

Frontline workers are vital to the success of these service-oriented industries as key players in the delivery of products and running of operations. Industry leaders are beginning to take notice, recognizing that frontline workers are under-served in the push toward digital transformation.

The inclusion of Microsoft Teams and Shifts in Microsoft Teams is a convenient and user-friendly way to remedy the issue.

Using Microsoft Teams Features and Functions Effectively

Microsoft recently improved its Teams unified communications platform through the addition of new functions targeting healthcare, government, manufacturing, and retail-oriented businesses.

1. Single Sign-On

Shared devices no longer run the risk of security implications or data loss with the single sign-on (SSO) feature. Frontline and shift workers can use the one-click button to log out of a shared device before it goes to the next person for use. Team managers can schedule the shared device to automatically log out at the end of a worker’s shift to ensure the next person authenticates their credentials.

2. Push-to-Talk

Teams already offered video calling, chat features, and channels designed to ease information sharing among groups of contacts. Now, Microsoft takes group communication options to a new level with a feature that mimics a walkie-talkie, only better. It enables clear voice communication via mobile devices, working smoothly when using Wi-Fi or mobile data plans. One of the biggest benefits of push-to-talk is the reduction in the number of devices and tools frontline workers must carry. This helps businesses pare down IT costs, including expensive repairs and replacement. Leaders do not have to worry about eavesdropping or crosstalk with this Teams function since it is accessed over a secure cellular network or Wi-Fi channel.

3. Tasks in Teams

Tasks in Teams are beneficial to geographically dispersed businesses employing frontline workers. It gives them the ability to easily send targeted task lists to regional offices and then track the real-time progress of each team via one convenient dashboard. Both frontline workers and their management teams will find Tasks a handy tool. Managers can easily direct actions in multiple locations, while workers can easily refer to clear lists of tasks in order of priority.

4. Delegated User Management

Frontline team managers can use a single customizable portal enabled by IT that provides access for approving password resets and enables employees to use their phone numbers for SMS sign-in. This feature reduces the cumbersome task of identity management while keeping team members connected to apps they need to perform their jobs effectively.

Microsoft Teams Shifts for Frontline Worker Engagement and Management

Shifts in Microsoft Teams allows frontline workers to interact with schedules and tasks in meaningful ways, boosting productivity and increasing engagement.

Shifts allows for seamless monitoring of shift workers who are using company devices by limiting access to Teams when shifts have ended. The function also works when installed on personal mobile devices used for work purposes. The main goal of this feature is to assist organizations in complying with working regulations to ensure staff are not working overtime without authorization or compensation.

Shifts also offers a clock in and out feature to help managers create and distribute rotas to shift workers for review. Employees can clock in and out of their device to monitor working hours, with GPS data enabled for workers with duty of care requirements to ensure they are meeting them.

Why Softlanding

Softlanding understands the value of incorporating Microsoft Teams into industries with frontline workers who play mission-critical roles in day-to-day operations.

Our company is a trusted technology advisor, bringing 20 years of experience and 10 Microsoft Gold competencies to our clients. Softlanding’s 80-plus team members support continuous innovation, fairness and generosity, authenticity, optimism, and empowerment for Canadian businesses and industries depending on frontline workers.

Contact us to learn more about how Microsoft Teams can transform and empower your frontline workforce.

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