Learn how you can leverage Microsoft tools to keep your business running as efficiently as possible during crisis periods like the COVID-19 outbreak.

The global pandemic COVID-19 is causing unprecedented disruption across all sectors of our economy. Companies are increasingly encouraging staff to work remotely, and other businesses are temporarily shutting their doors. So, how do you keep your company running during these uncertain, economically challenging times? We believe that Microsoft enterprise technology tools are the answer – here’s how they can help you during COVID-19 and beyond.

Enable Microsoft Teams: remote work

If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to roll out Microsoft Teams across your organization. Teams is a collaboration and communication platform that allows your teams to work remotely. Your employees can instantly share files, collaborate on projects, send messages and gifs through the chat feature, and even hold virtual live events.

Workers can also record transcripts of their meetings to share with colleagues who may be unable to work right now, so there’s no need for anyone to miss out.

Here’s a demo of Microsoft Teams so you know what to expect, and some tips on how to replace your landlines with Teams. To help your employees get the most out of Teams straight away, here’s some training advice and extra training documentation for admins and managers.

Teams helps your employees stay connected whether they’re self-isolating or working from their home office. If you’re using Office 365 or Microsoft 365, you can start rolling out Teams across your network right away – we’re happy to help if you need any assistance at all.

Create a Crisis Communication App in less than 30 minutes

What’s going on inside your company right now is critical, and it’s vital that all team members have access to the most up-to-date information. That’s where a Crisis Communication App comes in. Microsoft’s Crisis Communication App lets you quickly share critical information across your team, and it allows employees to update everyone on any issues they’re experiencing.

Key features
  • Track team status: Employees can report on their work status, whether they’re working from home or on sick leave. This feature lets your managers track teams and divert resources where they’re needed.
  • Company updates: Use the app to distribute critical updates and any policy changes.
  • News feeds: Include live RSS feeds from reliable sources such as the CDC so everyone knows what’s happening.

For more details on setting up the Crisis Communication App, check out these instructions or ask us for help.

Windows Virtual Desktop in Azure

Consider trying out Windows Virtual Desktop if you’re an Azure commercial tenant. With Windows Virtual Desktop, you can access virtual applications and desktops through the cloud, giving users a consistent experience whichever device or web browser they’re using.

It’s currently the only Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) to offer support for Remote Desktop Services (RDS) environments, Office 365 ProPlus optimizations, multi-session Windows 10, and simplified management.

You’re not compromising on security or compliance, either – Windows Virtual Desktop offers advanced security features to help you meet your compliance obligations while effectively scaling and deploying your Windows apps, wherever you’re currently working from.

Azure Health Bot

If there’s one thing on all our minds right now, it’s health and well-being. Give your employees and clients the support they need with the Azure Health Bot, a SaaS solution that gives users personalized access to relevant health information. Here’s a look at the key features.

Triage/symptom checker, powered by built-in medical protocols

Whether someone’s considering self-isolation or they’re worried about a family member, they can check their symptoms using the Azure Health Bot symptom checker. Virtual symptom checking takes pressure off healthcare services and reduces call volumes at this challenging time, and it helps everyone feel in control of their health.

General information about conditions, symptoms, causes, complications, and more

The Azure Health Bot integrates reliable medical content from trusted sources to give credible advice on general health queries. Whether someone’s looking for general advice on COVID-19 or any other health issue, they can trust the content you’re providing them.

Find doctor type

Sometimes people simply want to know which type of doctor they need when they’re feeling ill. The Azure Health Bot can provide details on which specific doctors treat which type of conditions, or whether a general family doctor is more appropriate.

If you’re operating in the healthcare sector, adding Azure Health Bot can help triage patients and get them the care they need. It’s secure and compliant, and you can easily integrate it with your existing tools. For other businesses, the Azure Health Bot gives employees the accurate health information they require at this worrying time, which helps boost morale.

Whatever your business needs, Microsoft can help you communicate with your coworkers and continue growing your company in an uncertain climate.

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