The Softlanding team spent last week in Las Vegas for Microsoft Inspire, Microsoft’s annual partner conference, and wow – what an inspiring time it was! It was a whirlwind of collaboration and celebration to say the least, and we are proud to be in attendance once again alongside other amazing partners from around the world.


What we are most excited about

Microsoft Teams

One of the most exciting moments for us was the corenote presented by Dr. David Kellerman from the University of New South Wales on using Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Microsoft Teams to enhance the collaboration of his students. He was able to transform how his student communicate and engage with classroom materials by leveraging AI and Machine Learning to create this modern digital education system. Why is this so awesome? Because it’s a great example of how transformative Microsoft Teams can be for businesses. By taking full advantage of Microsoft Teams, you’re able to completely transform how you collaborate and work together. This will revolutionize everything from how projects are run, to how your organization communicates all over the world, and more!

The Power of Azure

The corenote from Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, discussed several scenarios involving intelligent cloud and the power of Azure to create the intelligent edge. From going beyond the cloud to meet the needs of the world, to building a Power Platform that empowers citizen developers, the sky’s the limit with Microsoft Azure. This commitment to the future is nowhere more apparent than Microsoft’s contributions to OpenAI and the pursuit of an Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) to mimic the decision-making capabilities of the human brain.


Microsoft continues to invest in value-add services across its cloud and on-prem platforms to enhance the security, privacy and compliance capabilities available to its customers. Notable news is the release of Azure Sentinel which will provide Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) capabilities as well as Azure Lighthouse will simplify the task of managing Azure as a service provider.

What’s next for Softlanding?

Reflecting on the last week, Softlanding will continue to refine our offerings for Teams, AzureSecurity and elsewhere as we continue our journey to enhance our customers’ productivity.

As always, Microsoft Inspire was such an amazing way to kick of the new fiscal year. The entire team at Softlanding can’t wait to get started on all that’s to come!

Written By:

Caroline Blivet

As Softlanding's Marketing Lead, Caroline and is responsible for driving lead generation, developing a go-to-market strategy and, delivering marketing campaigns. Outside of work, Caroline enjoys hiking the beautiful trails of British Columbia.

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