Microsoft Inspire 2023, the highly anticipated annual conference for Microsoft partners and developers, was a resounding success, showcasing a plethora of innovations, strategic insights, and groundbreaking technologies. Held in a virtual format, the event attracted thousands of attendees from across the globe, eager to explore the latest advancements in the tech industry. The keynote address delivered by Microsoft’s top executives shed light on the company’s vision for the future and the transformative potential of its products and services.

Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO expressed two bold initial statements:

  1. “AI will impact every room in the house.” In summary, it will affect every department across all industries.
  2. “Next-generation AI will generate an additional 10% of GDP growth.”

In this article, we will delve into the key takeaways of Microsoft Inspire 2023!

1. Introduction of Microsoft 365 Copilot Pricing

Microsoft announced the pricing for Microsoft 365 Copilot during the Inspire 2023 partner conference. The tool, which incorporates generative AI capabilities into Microsoft’s productivity apps, will be available at $30 USD per user per month for commercial customers. It will be exclusively accessible to Microsoft 365 E3, E5, Business Standard, and Business Premium customers. This represents an exciting advancement for AI enthusiasts and organizations looking to enhance their productivity workflows.

2. Bing Chat Enterprise

Microsoft launched Bing Chat Enterprise, the latest addition to Microsoft’s application stack, offering AI-powered chat for work. This AI-powered chat platform offers a secure and tailored communication experience for workplaces. With a secure framework, the application ensures the confidentiality of sensitive information. User data, conversations, and chat activity benchmarks remain private, safeguarding against data leakages outside your organization.

Preview is available at no extra cost for Microsoft 365 E3, E5, Business Standard, and Business Premium users.

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3. Meta & Microsoft Expanded Their Partnership

Microsoft’s recent announcement reveals an expansion of its longstanding partnership with Meta. The collaboration aims to build the Llama family of large language models on Azure and Windows. Microsoft will be supporting Meta in releasing Llama 2 on Azure and Windows, focusing on open model innovation. Llama 2 represents the next generation of Meta’s open-source large language model.

As an Azure customer, you will gain access to AI features that foster innovation, productivity, and growth. Llama 2 will be available to companies in diverse sectors, equipping them with advanced AI tools for success.

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4. Launching Power Automate Process Mining

Microsoft introduced advanced AI features in Power Automate Process Mining, enabling process optimization and low-code automation. This powerful tool maps out business processes, including finance, human resources, and sales, utilizing AI-backed insights. With AI functionalities, it optimizes processes across the board. In Power Automate, process mining enables improvements in customer interactions and deployments.

The good news is that Power Automate Premium will be accessible starting from August 1st.

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5. Introducing Microsoft Sales Copilot

Microsoft Sales Copilot enhances seller productivity and personalizes customer interactions. Seamlessly integrated into familiar tools like Outlook, Teams, and Dynamics 365 Sales, it connects to various CRM systems, including Salesforce.

Sales Copilot streamlines tasks with CRM automation, auto-generated email summaries, and AI-powered real-time insights on opportunities and customer summaries. It generates AI-assisted content for follow-ups and offers new capabilities like auto-generated opportunity summaries and contextually relevant emails in Dynamics 365 Sales.

With comprehensive meeting-preparation views and real-time tips during Teams meetings, Sales Copilot empowers sellers to excel, improve productivity, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Sales Co-Pilot will be included for free with Dynamics 365 Sales users initially, and later on, it will also be offered as a separate subscription.

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6. Azure Migrate & Modernize: New Tool & New Features

Microsoft rebranded and expanded its Azure Migration and Modernization Program (AMMP) into Azure Migrate and Modernize (AMM). The updated offering includes assessments, extended support for various workloads, secure migrations for Windows Server, SQL Server, and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), and Microsoft-led delivery for rehost migrations.

The program promises increased deal velocity and reduced time-to-value for partners, along with the introduction of Azure Innovate. Microsoft has tripled its investment to enhance scalability and availability, reinforcing its commitment to successful cloud migration and modernization initiatives.

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7. Azure Innovate: AI Integration and Cloud Empowerment

Microsoft has invested $100 million in Azure Innovate, a new offering to aid partners and customers in integrating AI into applications, advanced analytics, experiences, and custom cloud-native app development.

Together with Azure Migrate & Modernize, Azure Innovate supports users throughout their cloud journey on Azure. Partners like Softlanding can access planning, deployment, guided assistance, and design capabilities, along with resources for app modernization and analytics migration. They can also deploy their AI copilot using their data for a tailored solution.

Similar to Azure Migrate & Modernize, Azure Innovate enhances deal velocity and reduces time-to-value with pre- to post-sales funding opportunities for partners. Microsoft’s commitment to empowering partners underscores their dedication to successful cloud adoption and AI integration endeavors.


8. Introducing the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program

Microsoft rebrands the Cloud Partner Program to focus on AI’s significance for Microsoft and its partners. Existing solution providers seamlessly transition to the new program while retaining their benefits and designations.

The Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program offers onboarding, skilling, go-to-market resources, incentives, and co-selling opportunities for partners of all business models and maturity levels.

Furthermore, Microsoft aligns this initiative with its investment in the industrial metaverse, with plans to include an offering related to solutions partner designations in the early 2024 public preview.


Microsoft Inspire provided Softlanding and other partners with invaluable insights into the latest Microsoft Cloud innovations. The conference’s announcements showcased Microsoft’s dedication to collaboration, innovation, and empowering partners to thrive in the ever-changing realm of AI and cloud technologies.


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