Last week, an Enterprise Demo of Nintex Forms/Workflow installed on our servers expired. This occurs every year for the demo licenses so it was expected to happen. So I went to, generated a new license file, and imported it into our server through “Central Administration > Nintex Forms Management > Licensing > Import”.

However, a weird error appeared in the “Central Administration > Nintex Forms Management > Licensing” page: This feature is only available in Nintex Workflow Enterprise Edition

I triple-checked that the licenses for both Forms and Workflow were Enterprise editions, and that they were both for SharePoint 2013. I even did an IISRESET and full reset with no avail. When trying to create or edit existing forms, the form designer interface was locked up and did not allow any changes. What was going on??

Before calling up Nintex tech support, I looked through their awesome community at, and stumbled across this post that explains the issue and the fix:

In summary, in rare scenarios new license keys for Nintex Forms Enterprise will not work on versions older than 2.7.

So I followed the instructions to temporarily apply a Standard license, upgrade Nintex Forms, and finally apply the Enterprise license. Voila! Nintex Forms is alive again! And it is now rocking all the latest features and bug fixes. Time to get another glass of eggnog…

Cheers and Happy Holidays!


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