Microsoft Teams allows you to bring your organization together with a single collaboration tool. Not only can you share your thoughts and ideas in chat-based conversations, but Teams lets you integrate all the Office 365 tools you know and love, allowing you to collaborate on any content within the browser. Use different teams for your department, project, team, and any other scenario you can think of. The possibilities are endless when you have somewhere to create and make decisions as a team.


Channels are a great way to segment and focus your workstreams. Create different channels to bundle all related content into one location. You can do everything from follow certain channels, to respond to emails in channels, and even create individual links to your teams or channels. Each team has a dedicated modern SharePoint team site to store all its related documents and OneNote files, so you know that everyone is working on the latest version of your file.

Protip: If you are a member of lots of channels, but your key interest is in a couple channels, you can show and hide any channels to keep yourself organized. This gives you the ability to have quick access to the channels you use most.



Teams is a great way to work on files both alone and with coworkers. All your files are synced to a SharePoint site that is automatically created with your Team. You can set permissions for each file and/or folder, and move files from one team or channel to another easily

Protip: Where you upload your files matters. Uploading a file into the Files tab in a Channel gets it saved to SharePoint. But, if you upload a file into a private chat, the file is saved in the uploader’s OneDrive and shared automatically with everyone in the chat.



Microsoft Teams has stepped up their game, surpassing Skype for Business in its chat capabilities. Use teams for audio calls, video calls, text chats and some with one or more colleagues. Chatting in teams is a great way to cut down on email traffic with long threads. Teams’ chat is a much more managed way to have these conversations with the ability to search throughout chats and files together.

Protip: You can save messages as important, so you don’t forget it when you need to go back and review!



You can use bots to help you get stuff done without having to put too much energy towards those tasks. There are so many available bots to choose from to fit your own personal needs, you’re sure to find the best fit. Bots we love include Adobe Sign for sending and signing documents, Polly for all your poll and survey needs, and Calendar bot for organizing your schedules!

Protip: Teams integrates the Microsoft Bot Framework which enables developers to design bots of their own for your organization!


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