Capstone Mining Corp. is a mid-sized mining company that doesn’t have the size and resources typically required to tackle large innovative IT initiatives. Business and IT leaders wanted to transform the IT department using managed cloud services and enlist the help of Softlanding.


Capstone Mining wanted to focus its IT resources on adding value to the business while improving service levels and business continuity while reducing cyber risk, operating costs, and capital.

They were looking for a qualified partner to migrate most of their key applications to Microsoft’s Azure Cloud and implement a process that would facilitate a gradual decommissioning of existing data centers and allow their operations and assets to continue running.

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As one of only three “Tier 1′ System Integration Partners within Canada with 10 Gold Cloud Microsoft Partner competencies, Softlanding was a clear choice for Capstone.

Softlanding created a strategic plan and high-level road-map by engaging with all IT stakeholders during the design process and helped facilitate the selection of Microsoft Azure. Azure’s hybrid approach would allow for a phased migration to the cloud while maintaining existing operations at select, on-premises data centers.

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Saving USD 6 Million

Eliminating two data centers and the costly recurring hardware upgrades, Capstone has already cut costs significantly by moving from on-premises to the cloud. Also, the company keeps software costs under control with a pay-as-you-go subscription model.

Improving Resilience

By moving their data to the cloud, Capstone could achieve security at a lower cost and achieve a level of redundancy that wasn’t possible before. With data replicated multiple times in Azure, it’s encrypted at movement and at-rest.

Seamless Migration

Softlanding planned and executed the migration seamlessly, allowing Capstone to continue operations during migration and ultimately meeting their goal of transforming their IT infrastructure.

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