CORIX is a fully integrated provider of utility infrastructure services and systems for water, wastewater, and sustainable energy. Headquartered in Vancouver, BC, and Wauwatosa, WI, CORIX has over 600 employees spread across multiple locations in North America. CORIX needed a scalable solution to fix communication issues and improve organizational performance in the process.


With a team and resources spread across several locations, Corix was encountering challenges with communication and collaboration between employees, especially after new hires, mergers, and acquisitions.

Their existing corporate intranet was managed by central webmasters and contained only information from head office -resulting in ineffective and siloed information sharing. Additionally, they had been using email and file sharing, but the information was often repeated which desensitized staff to the information.

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To ensure a successful SharePoint implementation, Softlanding provided a five-phase approach: Envisioning, Planning, Building, Stabilization & Deployment, and Support.

To drive value for individuals and the organization, the team canvassed all business lines to find out what information should be shared across all departments.

For Adoption & Success, Softlanding launched the “People Finder” project, which required employees to add their information so that everyone knew more about their coworkers.

Softlanding created publishing sites, so each department could gain visibility across the organization, distribute workloads more efficiently, and update their content according to corporate guidelines.

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Improved Communication and Efficiency

CORIX saw better use of resources to improved communication efficiency and organizational performance with their SharePoint System.

Find Content in Seconds

Staff were now able to utilize the search feature in SharePoint to find content and update it in seconds.

Reduce Email Size with Shareable Links

CORIX saw a reduction of load on mail servers with the shared link feature on SharePoint.

New Employee Onboarding Made Easier

With the “People Finder” in SharePoint, CORIX found the onboarding process much easier and better equipped to handle the company’s growth.

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