MLT Aikins LLP is a highly reputable full-service Canadian law firm with over 700 employees across six strategically located offices in Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon, Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver. With their broad scope of resources and extensive geographic reach, they possess the capacity and proficiency to cater to the unique needs of their clients, ranging from individual legal affairs to large-scale business enterprises.


MLT Aikins has been modernizing their IT infrastructure for the past few years and recently accelerated their transition to a hybrid work environment by utilizing more cloud technology, including Microsoft 365. They first reached out to Softlanding for a project to modernize Active Directory but had a major endeavour they wanted to tackle along the way: their OneDrive migration.

MLT Aikins operated with six internal servers, one located in each of their six offices. As part of their modernization strategy, they planned to retire their existing servers and migrate their data to the cloud to enhance employee collaboration and facilitate remote work, allowing staff to access documents from anywhere and at any time.

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Softlanding has extensive experience in implementing, migrating, and supporting Microsoft 365 solutions, making them a partner of choice to assist MLT Aikins in their endeavour.

Softlanding established a comprehensive data migration roadmap for the OneDrive migration, including detailed reports and documentation to provide a clear understanding of the data volume and the recommended methodology to follow. It was then decided to move each office individually to better understand the client’s processes and ensure a seamless migration for the end users. The Softlanding team provided extensive support throughout the entire migration process and effectively resolved any roadblocks encountered during the project.

The Softlanding team also helped with the change management aspect of the migration, putting together email communications and documents to inform the end users of the upcoming change to make it as smooth and seamless as possible.

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  • Seamless Change

The change management process went very well, and the end-users were able to accept and adapt to OneDrive without any issues thanks to the back-end work that happened behind the scenes. Indeed, the migrations were completed at night so that the next morning, when the employees started their computer, they just needed to sign into OneDrive and had all their files and documents handy.

  • Improved Accessibility & Collaboration

Access to critical files from anywhere is crucial for lawyers to achieve success. The OneDrive migration has allowed seamless access to the law firm’s essential documents, regardless of where lawyers and staff are located and has played a big role in maintaining productivity and efficiency. Additionally, it has allowed all members of the firm to stay connected with their colleagues and has facilitated seamless collaboration.

  • Time & Cost Savings

Embracing cloud technology offers various benefits, including reduced patching and maintenance for the IT team, leading to significant time savings. The MLT Aikins team can now focus more on strategic and value-added initiatives. In addition, migrating to the cloud has helped them save costs by decommissioning six servers.

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