How Intelligent IT Inspires A Digital Future

Envisioning the value of digital. Softlanding and Lixar IT are hosting a morning envisioning workshop at the Microsoft Vancouver MPR room on Friday, September 14th.  The event’s focus is to help business leaders understand the efficiencies and business values of emerging technologies like cloud computing, analytics, machine learning, automation and artificial intelligence.

Cloud Envisioning: The Path to Value with Intelligent IT will provide real-world examples of how forward-thinking business leaders can leverage these digital tools to improve operational performance and provide insight into the business faster, cheaper, better. 

Co-hosted by Softlanding and Lixar IT - Microsoft Canada's "Commercial SMB Western Partner of the Year" and "Industry Innovation Award in the Public Sector Partner of the Year" respectively,  this event will demonstrate the innovative solutions which have driven value to our customers' core business across multiple agencies and sectors.

Session Agenda

  • The true value of AI: Real-world examples of how Public Sector, Education, Manufacturing, and Mining are using AI to improve their business
  • Cybersecurity: Understanding how to protect data, stay compliant and defend your business and respond should a crisis emerge
  • Emerging Digital Technologies: Taking advantage of Microsoft's Core Cloud Infrastructure Platforms 
  • Cloud Governance: Strategy and Overview, Setting compliance policies and blueprints




Breakfast and Networking


Introduction: Why Digital Transformation falls under the responsibility of CFOs and CEOs 

Today's CFOs and CEOs are asked to look to the future. They are asked to be more strategic, to analyze data in more meaningful ways, and to use technology to support this strategic switch. But where do they start and how? 


Emerging Digital Technologies: Taking Advantage of Microsoft's Core Cloud Infrastructure Platforms 

Alleviating the lack of familiarity with types and potential applications of emerging technologies, costs, and insufficient technology maturity to provide major improvements. 


Cybersecurity: Understanding how to protect data, stay compliant, and defend your business and respond when crises arise 

With the proliferation of mobile devices and cloud service offerings, it's now more important than ever to find the right balance between organizational agility and information security. Hear how a Vancouver company was directly impacted by sophisticated cyber attacks, the impact on their businesses and explore some of the ways you can reduce your risk.


The True Value of AI: Real-world examples of how Public Sector, Education, Manufacturing, and Mining are using AI to Improve their Business (Lixar IT)

Get an inside look into the state of the current AI landscape, how companies are leveraging AI to transform their businesses, how you can build AI systems with ethical foundations, and the stories of how customers are already leveraging AI with tremendous success. Don’t wait, take the next steps in discovering your business’s true potential with the power of AI. 


Cloud Governance: Understanding the Governance Implications That May Arise When Going to the Cloud

Best practices to pursue to increase the chance of success in cloud management across public, private and hybrid services. Abstract hybrid cloud services require new roles, processes and technologies for cloud management. We analyze the state of cloud management and best practices for succeeding in governing and managing cloud services.


Next Steps: Packaged engagements, Funding Available, Cloud Envisioning Workshops, Questions 

You've heard it all - now what? Every year, Microsoft provides specific gold-certified Microsoft partners with funding to accelerate the adoption of particular services and platforms. Learn what's available.


Lunch + Industry Focus: Public Sector 

Public Sector organizations are invited to a working lunch within the MPR Room where they will be provided updates regarding Microsoft Cloud's Roadmap for BC’s Public Sector.


Nick Gailloux

Senior Cloud and Security Consultant, Softlanding

Nick Gailloux is a Senior Cloud and Security Consultant, specializing in Azure Cloud Security and Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). Nick has been working in the cloud space for over 5 years, with extensive experience in both Microsoft and Amazon public cloud platforms. As the leader of our security practice, he is primarily involved in delivering security solutions such as Azure Active Directory (Basic and Premium), and the Enterprise Mobility and Security Suite. Additionally, he has helped our customers increase their security posture by architecting and implementing secure virtual network design patterns. 

Zeshan Randhawa - Speakers Headshot

Zeshan Randhawa

Business Analysis Lead, Softlanding

Zeshan has been with Softlanding since 2007. In his role as Business Analysis Lead Zeshan focuses on envisioning, planning and delivering Enterprise Content Management solutions. He brings a strong development background to the planning process, enabling him to advise clients about out-of-the-box SharePoint capabilities vs. customization as requirements are being gathered. Alongside planning and envisioning, Zeshan specializes in facilitating Information Architecture redesigns, and introducing Governance for SharePoint and Azure enterprises.

Stephan Ringuette - Lixar

Stéphan Ringuette

Business Development, Lixar

Stéphan Ringuette is the Business Development Lead at Lixar, driving mobile and data-rich tech innovation for clients through strategic partnerships. Lixar develops mobile platforms and solutions for enterprise-level transformation-focused clients and partners who expect high-performance, real-time relevancy through mobile connectivity. Lixar is a Microsoft Partner Award winner, taking home 'Breakthrough Partner of the Year Award', and the 'Industry Innovation Award in the Public Sector' this year - awarded to 1 of 14,000 partners each year.

Mat Burke - Speakers Headshot

Mat Burke

Director of Sales, Softlanding

Mat is a passionate sales and strategy specialist with a 20-year history in the Vancouver technology industry. Previous to joining Softlanding, Mat finished an 8-year tour of Microsoft as Account Executive serving the Education, Retail, and Resources sectors and as a delivery manager for Microsoft Services. Other career highlights include technical roles in identity, infrastructure, and security as well as participation in several Vancouver startups.

About Softlanding

Founded in 2000, Softlanding helps organizations be their best by providing technology solutions and services that make them more productive. Areas of specialty include end-to-end Office 365 and Azure services, Microsoft Enterprise Infrastructure and Managed IT Services. As a recognized leader in empowering enterprises with solutions and services built on the Microsoft Cloud and on-premises platforms, Softlanding is proud to be named a winner of the Microsoft IMPACT Awards for Enterprise Cloud Platform Innovation in 2017 and Commercial SMB Western Partner of the Year in 2018.

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