Building a better world, together.

Softlanding strives to create positive and lasting change in society through its solutions and services. Our social impact initiatives focus on equality, diversity, and human rights, aiming to build a more fair and inclusive society for everyone.

Our Workplace

Softlanding is committed to building an environment where employees can work without barriers and are protected in their right to work free from discrimination.

Our Products and Services

Our employees, clients, and communities inherently possess a variety of dimensions, visible or not, that may include but are not limited to race, ancestry, geography, ethnicity, place of origin, language, culture, location, age, religion, political affiliation, sexual orientation, gender identity, socio-economic status, mental or physical disability, marital status, family status, creed, and ideology.

Softlanding takes an anti-discrimination approach to its governance, employment, and service delivery that is grounded in the Canadian Human Rights Act. Our mission, vision, values and operations seek to move beyond simple tolerance to embrace and celebrate the rich dimensions of diversity within each individual and our community, and to eliminate barriers that prevent equitable participation.

Our Commitments

Softlanding strives to achieve its commitment to DEIA competency as an organization by:

  • Embracing the diversity of our workforce and the clients we serve by developing and maintaining an inclusive, equity-based organizational culture in which respect for diversity is actively practiced.
  • Encouraging inclusion and anti-discriminatory values, attitudes, knowledge and practices to build an environment free from discrimination in which staff, students, clients and community can thrive.
  • Adopting interventions and approaches to improve accessibility for our workforce, products, and clients.
  • Integrating DEIA into our policies and practices, training, service delivery and partnerships.

Raising Stars Bursary

The “Raising Stars Bursary” by Softlanding is an innovative program created to address a critical issue within Canada’s technology sector. While diversity plays a crucial role in the technology industry, Indigenous and minority communities have often encountered systemic obstacles that limit their access to education and career prospects in this field.