Azure Sentinel can reduce your cybersecurity management effort by as much as 56%, keeping you safer while saving resources and time.

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Small and medium businesses are the most common targets for cyberattacks

For an SMB, a cyberattack can be fatal. As many as 60% of small companies go out of business within 6 months of a major of a cyberattack.

Our Azure Sentinel Managed Services make it easier and safer for your business to operate

*as per a Forrester Total Economic Impact study comissioned by Microsoft

Rapid Deployment

Softlanding handles initial setup and optimization, and you can save around 67% of time to deployment with Azure Sentinel*.

Enhanced Automation Capabilities

Take the pressure off your team with Azure Sentinel's automation capabilities and Softlanding managing your solution.

Improve Visibility and Control

Our security experts will provide 24x7x365 management and maintenance of your Azure Sentinel and Microsoft Security Stack along with bi-weekly incident and status reporting.

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Softlanding's experts can provide your organization with a full Azure Sentinel Workshop complete with insights into active threats to your Microsoft 365 cloud environment across email, identity, and data.

You may even be eligible for Microsoft funding!

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