Building on Existing Solutions Over Time

The Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) is Canada’s first Health Authority headquartered in Vancouver and ensures BC residents have access to high-quality health care services. With over 10,000 employees, PHSA drew on Softlanding’s SharePoint experience to maximize the success of its custom SharePoint solution.


As the number of employees increased, PHSA needed a central platform to collaborate on projects and an easily searchable database to locate employees and retrieve information.

PHSA also needed to address redundant information and resolve the growing pains of the site’s more popular areas which proved to be hard-to-navigate and unable to accommodate additional team sites. Eventually, the costs of collecting and disseminating information needed to be reduced to keep with tight governmental budgets.

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Through proper discovery and planning, our user experience consultant collected user input and conducted focus groups to identify areas of improvement.

Softlanding developed and implemented a custom solution called ‘OHS Connect’ on a SharePoint platform. Acting as an extranet and collaboration platform, the new system met all of the organization’s challenges and helped them manage information and services more efficiently, allowing them to better administer PHSA’s initiatives across the province.

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Improved Efficiencies and Ease of Use

OHS Connect users have experienced major improvements in both efficiencies and ease of use as it is updated, easier to access, and easier to navigate. Additionally, their custom sites have allowed time savings as a new team site can be set up in less than a minute.

Single Point of Entry for All Resources

All six health authorities within BC now had a single point of entry to access policies, practices and to facilitate development and educational initiatives.

Better Collaboration

Collaboration increased among all six of BC’s health authorities as employees were able to facilitate development and educational initiatives as a cohesive team, rather than as siloed organizations.

Improved Search Functionality

Employees are now able to search via job function and location to get the right people working on the right projects.

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