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Thanks to our extensive experience working with many different universities and schools across Canada, Softlanding understands the type of technology and tools that empower both students and teachers to enhance the learning experience. We also understand the challenges related to managing and securing technology, and our experts are here to support your IT department every step of the way to meet the demand for technology in the classroom.

Softlanding has been a trusted K-12 and Higher Education partner for the past 20 years in Canada.

Our services allow our education clients to focus on their core competency: teaching. Our end-to-end IT services allow education organizations to solve many challenges related to budgets & resources, and the need for collaboration and security.



Waterloo Region District School Board is the public-school board for the Region of Waterloo in Ontario, serving more than 64,000 students. 

The Board was challenged with the need to provide secondary school technology students with access to high performance applications supporting remote learning. The object of the project was to enable a secure and ubiquitous remote desktop experience allowing students to access course software from anywhere, anytime, from any device.  

“Azure Virtual Desktops provided our secondary students and educators access to high performance computer resources without the need to physically be in one of our schools, this provided in-person and remote learning students access to the same resources. We now have over 250 classes with more than 5200 students actively using the virtual resources and we continue to receive requests from different educators to extend access for new courses. The project has been a success both financially and improving our students experience.”

ivana mcisaac
SENIOR MANAGER of information technology wrdsb

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