Security challenges are escalating. Our cyber security experts in Montreal are ready to guide you through these complex times, mitigating risks, and fostering robust growth in today’s ever-changing threat and regulatory landscape.


Level Up Your Digital Defense

In today’s hyper-connected ecosystem, the likelihood of encountering digital threats is an everyday reality – making no organization immune, including those in Montreal’s vibrant economy and its multifaceted business environments. At Softlanding, we recognize the importance of safeguarding your sensitive data and critical infrastructure.

We are dedicated to providing cyber security solutions that not only protect you from potential attacks but also fortify your business. Our cybersecurity solutions go beyond protection to build resilience.


Our Cyber Security Services in Montreal

Softlanding offers cyber security services in Montreal that turn your security from reactive to proactive and more. We make plans that fix current security gaps and prevent future threats.

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Gestion des identités et des accès

To cope with the complexities of modern work environments – such as working from home and using your own devices – you need a strong identity and access management system. Our solutions create a secure digital space, making sure that only verified people can access the right resources. We use top technologies like Microsoft Entra ID and Intune to offer comprehensive management and fast-threat detection, protecting your operations both within and beyond your corporate network.


Protection contre les menaces

Cybersecurity threats, such as phishing scams, are becoming more complex and frequent, requiring proactive threat management. Our threat protection services use Advanced Threat Protection and Advanced Threat Analytics to automatically detect anomalies and securely protect your operations across Azure and Microsoft 365 environments.

la protection des informations

Data Protection

We live in a time where data constantly moves across boundaries, so we need to protect it from hackers and other intrusions. Our data protection services use Azure Information Protection to classify, label, and control your data, keeping it safe everywhere.

sécurité dans les nuages

Sécurité des nuages

To be agile and innovative in business, you need cloud computing. But it also brings new security risks. Our seasoned security consultants can help you improve your cloud security framework. We offer various services, from assessments and governance to roadmap development, to make your cloud architecture strong and safe from threats.

Why Us

Why Choose Softlanding Montreal?

Softlanding is a leading cyber security provider in Montreal, with a deep knowledge of the specific challenges that local and national businesses meet. Our strategy is based on understanding your unique needs, creating customized solutions that smoothly integrate with your business environment. Our constant drive for innovation, along with our expertise in implementing cutting-edge Microsoft technologies, makes us your ideal partner in developing cyber resilience.

Softlanding also belongs to Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA) too. This membership ensures access to advanced security expertise for our clients.

Protect your Montreal business with Softlanding. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having your digital assets guarded by high-quality cybersecurity experts. Reach out to us today to strengthen your organization’s future in advance.


Our Montreal Clients

Clients throughout Montreal have revolutionized their digital infrastructure and amplified their cybersecurity postures with our dedicated local IT services. Discover the successes we’ve engineered for other businesses in the region.

Microsoft Sentinel Engagement

Get an overview of Microsoft Sentinel along with insights on active threats to your Microsoft 365 cloud and on-premises environments with a Microsoft Sentinel Workshop.

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