Help your Winnipeg organization succeed with Microsoft 365, supported by our seasoned experts at Softlanding.


Microsoft 365 for Business

Empowering Your Winnipeg Business with Microsoft 365

Winnipeg’s industries are constantly changing, combining agribusiness and tech, manufacturing and creative forces. Your business needs technologies that can drive innovation, not just follow it. Softlanding’s Microsoft 365 services are custom configured for your unique organizational demands, helping you thrive among these diverse challenges.

From improving data security in logistics to enabling flexible teamwork in creative agencies, we cover all aspects of your business spectrum.


Key Benefits of M365

Champion productivity and innovation with Microsoft 365 in your Winnipeg business, leading the way with state-of-the-art collaboration and security.

Winnipeg Services

Our Microsoft 365 Services

Understanding that Winnipeg’s vibrant business scene is unique, at Softlanding, we offer more than just setup—we deliver transformational solutions tailored to your enterprise, right here in Winnipeg.


Harness the Power of Microsoft 365 Apps

Our deep knowledge across all Microsoft 365 apps means every tool is meticulously optimized, boosting your workflow, collaboration, and data insights to their fullest potential.

Why Us

Partner with Softlanding Winnipeg for Microsoft 365

  • Custom Strategies: Custom-tailored Microsoft 365 solutions that resonate with your business needs and goals amidst Winnipeg’s competitive market.
  • Seamless Migration: Switch to Microsoft 365 with ease. Our experts ensure hassle-free transitions, preserving data integrity and minimizing downtime.
  • Local Insights, Global Standards: Blend of local business understanding and world-class tech expertise ensures solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations.
  • Ongoing Support: Our engagement doesn’t end at deployment. We’re committed to ongoing support and proactive strategies, maximizing your technology ROI.

Elevate your business with Softlanding Winnipeg, using Microsoft 365 as your lever for growth and innovation.

MS Productivity

Discover Our Impact Across Winnipeg

Our case studies reflect real successes and breakthrough moments in diverse sectors. Explore how Softlanding has turned challenges into successes for businesses right here in Winnipeg, and across Canada.


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