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In today’s digital age, we are extremely reliant on data. Businesses are creating more and more data every day, and that data becomes useless if you don’t gain tangible value from it. Take control of your data with the Microsoft Power Platform and gain access to the tools for businesses to be able to create, automate, or analyze their data. What’s more, you can add the Power Platform to Office 365, Dynamics 365, Azure, and hundreds of other apps to create a total end-to-end business solution.

The Power Platform today is comprised of four products – Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents. Alone these products act as powerful tools for your business, but together they work together to create a powerful solution.

Power Platform

Reap the Benefits of Microsoft Power Platform

Gain a competitive advantage by linking all of your organizations’ data. Softlanding can help your organization drive business with data by implementing the Power Platform suite.

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Power BI

Take control of your data and build visually appealing and interactive reports that can be accessed from anywhere. Power BI is a powerful business intelligence toolset, offering an enterprise-grade data analytics environment that can be seamlessly customized to meet the needs of your organization.

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Power Apps

Turn ideas into organizational solutions by enabling everyone to build custom apps that solve business challenges. PowerApps connects to hundreds of business systems and databases, making it easy to connect workers with the existing processes and data that makes the business tick.

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Power Automate

Discover a better way to get things done across your organization. With Power Automate, you can boost business productivity, securely automate workflows at scale, and automate time consuming tasks using built-in AI capabilities. By giving everyone the ability to automate organizational processes, your organization can reach new heights of business productivity.

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Power Virtual Agents

Build chat-bots easily - no coding required. Solve common customer and internal-facing issues automatically, freeing up staff to focus on complex requests and high-value interactions. Power Virtual Agents lets you easily create your own virtual agents, empower them to take action, and the measure performance all in a single tool.

Professional Services

Transform your organization with powerful business intelligence and enterprise-grade data analytics tools. Softlanding can help your organization use data analytics to spot risks, find opportunities, and make informed decisions.

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Advanced Analytics

Softanding helps you collect, organize, and visualize the multitudes of data generated by your organization providing decision-makers with the Business Intelligence tools to identify risks, find opportunities and make informed decisions.

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Development Services

Get the most value from modernizing existing applications to meet your current and future business objectives. Softlanding can help your organization modernize its applications and enable the business to enhance usability and streamline processes to support needs.

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Managed IT Productivity Services

By leveraging managed productivity services, your organization can free up your valuable internal resources, increase productivity with the latest digital tools and applications, and focus on driving your business forward.

Our Productivity Managed Services are designed to provide your organization with the resources, tools, and support you need, so you can empower your team and remain competitive.

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