How Softlanding Can Help Your Mining Organization

The Mining Industry is one of the oldest and largest industries in the world. As a mature industry, it faces significant technology challenges in order to achieve enhanced profitability, maintain competitivity, and improve its bottom line while ensuring compliance with the industry regulations. 

Softlanding has the experience and expertise to help your mining organization optimize its IT infrastructure, streamline processes and improve cost efficiency. We offer managed IT and consulting services to help you to tackle your most pressing challenges and needs.

Softlanding has been a trusted partner for many mining organizations, from medium to multisite operations for the past 20 years. We’ve helped various mining companies optimize their technology to impact positively their operations, increase efficiencies and drive operating costs down while improving security.

it support for mining companies


Capstone Mining Corp. is a mid-sized mining company that doesn’t have the size and resources typically required to tackle large innovative IT initiatives. Business and IT leaders wanted to transform the IT department using cloud services.

They were looking for a qualified partner to migrate most of their key applications to Microsoft’s Azure Cloud and implement a process that would facilitate a gradual decommissioning of existing data centers and allow their operations and assets to continue running.

“By leveraging the cloud services offered by Softlanding and Microsoft, we are alowing our IT professionals to focus on using information and technology in innovative ways to add value to our business while, at the same time, reducing costs, increasing service quality and improving our cyber risk profile. So far, we are meeting or exceeding expectations in all these areas.”


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