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Feeling overwhelmed by the pace of technology? In Calgary, a hub for diverse industries like energy and finance, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. That’s where Softlanding comes in.

We’re more than just another IT company. With a deep Calgary market knowledge and over 20 years of cloud expertise, we’re your strategic partner. We turn cloud challenges into opportunities, guiding you towards growth and innovation.

Want to cut costs, boost productivity, or transform your business model? Our Calgary-based team is here to help. We have the local landscape knowledge, resources, and expertise to power your transformation.


Why Calgary-Businesses are Migrating to the Cloud

The “Cloud”  may sound soft, but the benefits are as solid as they come.


Our Calgary Cloud Services

At Softlanding, we offer cloud services for businesses of all kinds in Calgary. We can help you with cloud integration at any stage – whether you’re taking your first steps into the cloud or looking to refine your existing cloud strategy. We provide consulting, migration, and more, with expert guidance, security, and performance. Here’s how we can boost your operations with the cloud:

Case Studies

Our Calgary Projects

See how organizations across diverse sectors have elevated their operations, overcome critical challenges, and charted new courses for sustainable growth with Softlanding’s expert assistance in and around Calgary.

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Is Your IT Infrastructure Holding You Back? It’s Time for a Change

Here’s the reality: outdated systems are not just making you slower; they’re making you lose opportunities. Opportunities to improve operations, to protect data, and to scale at the speed of market needs.


But what if you could change the game? What if your technology became your greatest advantage, not your biggest challenge?

That’s where Softlanding’s leading Cloud Consulting and Migration Services can help. We’re not here to offer you a one-size-fits-all solution. We’re here to craft a cloud strategy that suits your needs and delivers powerful results.

Ready to stop asking “what if” and start discovering “what’s next”? Contact us today for a detailed, no-obligation consultation. Let us show you how moving to the cloud can not only make your IT easier but can transform your whole business.

Stop fighting your backend operations. Let’s elevate your tech to where it should be: the cloud.

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