Managed IT Security in Calgary

Why Play Defence When You Can Prevent?

Online risks are everywhere in Calgary’s business environment. Your digital systems are under constant threat from cyber attackers. Softlanding goes beyond solving issues—we prevent them before they occur. Our Managed IT Security Services help you enhance your current security posture and achieve a level of cybersecurity maturity that adapts to the constantly evolving threats of today.

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Our Managed IT Security Services

When response time is everything, generic solutions don’t cut it. Softlanding’s security services are calibrated to meet the specific needs and threats faced by Calgary businesses. We deploy state-of-the-art technology combined with real-world strategies that fortify your defences before breaches occur.


Technologies We Know

We mainly focus on Microsoft technology and we use our expertise to ensure our Calgary clients have the best cybersecurity solutions to solve their business challenges.

Don't Wait

Act Now—Before the Hackers Do

Don’t risk your cybersecurity when you can act today to prevent a disaster tomorrow. Softlanding in Calgary is your cyber-command center that preserves the trust between you and your customers.

Softlanding’s Managed IT Security Services not only protect but strengthen your business against future risks. We provide continuous monitoring, real-time threat detection, fast response capabilities, and more, all by a dedicated team that keeps your digital environment safe.

Want to know how secure you are now? Don’t wait for an attack to find out. Contact us today for a free security consultation. Find out how our customized strategies can protect and boost your business for a secure and prosperous future.

Don’t gamble with your cybersecurity; contact Softlanding today.




Case Studies

Some Of Our Calgary Projects

Explore our library of case studies and see the power of what happens when ambition meets innovation.  Whether it’s reinventing user experiences, strengthening IT security, or skyrocketing efficiencies, Softlanding delivers.


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Our Cyber Security Events

Managed IT Security Services

Threat Protection Engagement

During this engagement, we’ll partner with you to strengthen your organization’s approach to cybersecurity. We’ll help you better understand how to prioritize and mitigate potential attacks.

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Managed IT Security Services

Cybersecurity Assessment

This assessment is designed to help you understand the importance of security and how to protect your organization from potential threats. We will also discuss the latest security threats and your organization can stay aware and ahead of the curve.

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