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Maximize Your Microsoft Investment with Vancouver

In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, staying ahead requires using the latest technology. As businesses strive to innovate, streamline operations, and empower remote teams, the complexity of managing Microsoft licensing can emerge as a real challenge. But, with the right Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) partner, navigating this path becomes a journey of strategic advantage, collaboration, and cost efficiency.

At Softlanding, we understand the complexity of Microsoft licensing and are dedicated to helping Vancouver-based organizations harness their full potential. Our comprehensive approach to CSP licensing is designed to align with your business’s evolving needs, ensuring you get maximum value from your Microsoft investments today and into the future.


Our Approach to CSP Licensing in Vancouver

Our deep expertise in the Microsoft ecosystem empowers your organization to fully leverage cloud capabilities, foster strategic collaborations, and seamlessly adopt Microsoft products. We cover the key Microsoft solutions, including Azure, Microsoft 365 and Copilot, providing an end-to-end solution that goes beyond licensing.

As your dedicated CSP partner in Vancouver, our commitment extends beyond licenses. We offer an array of professional and managed IT services that amplify the value of your Microsoft investment. From cloud migration and secure technology implementation to optimizing costs, our expert team ensures your journey with Microsoft technologies is both enriching and strategic.

CSP portal

Softlanding CSP Customer Portal & Benefits

Effortless License & Billing Management

Navigate your Microsoft portfolio with ease through our intuitive self-service portal, enabling instant adjustments to your licenses and products.

Seamless Transactions

Experience smooth license acquisitions with the Microsoft New Commerce Experience (NCE), streamlined through our CSP Portal.

Proactive Usage Optimization

We continuously monitor and refine your services, maximizing value and ensuring optimization aligned with your specific needs.

Priority Support

Access our dedicated Vancouver-based support team, enhanced by priority Microsoft Premier Support, ensuring quick and effective solutions.

Comprehensive Expert Guidance

Benefit from our extensive consultancy services across the complete Microsoft suite, including Microsoft 365, Azure, and more, tailored to support Vancouver’s dynamic market environment.

Simplified Billing Experience

Enjoy consolidation and clarity with One Partner, One Platform, One Bill. Our streamlined process reduces complexity, making your CSP licensing management hassle-free.

Why Us

Choose Softlanding in Vancouver

Empower your digital transformation with Softlanding’s team of over 100 Microsoft Certified Technology Specialists. We go beyond licensing to provide expert implementation, migration, and adoption strategies for your Microsoft technology stack. As a certified Azure Migration Expert (AMM) and Microsoft FastTrack partner, we offer unparalleled guidance to take your modernization projects from vision to reality.

From Vancouver, Softlanding goes beyond being a CSP. We’re your trusted advisor, crafting technology solutions that empower your business to thrive. We’ll streamline processes, unlock innovation, and propel you towards a future of success.

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