Modernize Device Management

Microsoft Endpoint Manager is an integrated end-to-end management solution that combines the functionality, data, and intelligent connectivity of Intune and Configuration Manager. More than a simple rebranding, however, Endpoint adds functionality through a new cloud console and service.

Endpoint includes the Microsoft Endpoint Manager Admin Center – a new web-based management console that enables Intune and Configuration Manager administration in one place. This new platform will live in the cloud and reach down to drive Configuration Manager servers residing on premises. Endpoint Manager enables tighter integration, security, and updates across devices and apps.

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Key Features

The combination of Configuration Manager and Intune is more than a rebrand. It is an end-to-end management solution that removes a lot of complexity and brings powerful new features.

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Seamless Integration

Modern working environments demand tight integration between services. Microsoft Endpoint Manager offers end-to-end management for Intune, Configuration Manager, Autopilot, Desktop Analytics, Defender Advanced Threat Protection, and Azure Active Directory.

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Security and Access

Streamlined workflows and robust security standards depend on intelligent control. Microsoft Endpoint Manager offers risk-based conditional access and analytics powered by the cloud.

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Flexibility and Agility

Productivity relies on connectivity, control, and familiarity. Microsoft Endpoint Manager provides an integrated management solution for any device and app, with power enhanced through collaboration and flexibility.

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Faster Time to Value

Modern businesses benefit from tighter integration and accelerated production times. Microsoft Endpoint Manager enables faster time to value due to minimum disruption and seamless management.

Professional Services

Softlanding can help you deploy Endpoint Manager to help you manage your PCs, servers and other devices effectively.

Our experts can help you harness the power of Endpoint Manager to deliver a modern management experience that will make both your IT staff and end-users’ lives easier.

Security Optimization

Managed IT Security Services

Our Managed Security services arm you with comprehensive, yet flexible services to monitor, maintain, and optimize your IT environment.

Together, we will help you efficiently support, manage and maintain Microsoft Endpoint Manager to ensure proactive security.

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Endpoint Management Workshop

Get an executive deep dive into remote deployment, management, and the security of corporate and BYOD devices in your organization. This workshop will show you the best ways to manage endpoints at the enterprise level.

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