Get the Most Out of Your People

Microsoft Viva is an innovative digital employee experience platform designed to transform the way you and your team work together.

Launched in early 2022 in the wake of the hybrid working boom, Viva helps organizations create a seamless work experience that spans boundaries, cultures, and locations. The platform brings together essential tools for learning, communication, education, and reporting to foster employee engagement and collaboration.

Viva is powered by Microsoft 365 and encompasses a collection of apps that are delivered through Microsoft teams in a single comprehensive and easy-to-use platform.

Enhance your Digital Workplace with Microsoft Viva

At Softlanding, we understand the importance of creating a strong and engaged culture in any organization. Our Microsoft Viva experts can help you get the most out of Viva to connect your teams, share knowledge and resources, and gain powerful insights into how your people are working and performing.

Viva Connections : Enhance Employee Communication

Viva Connections helps your people stay connected and informed no matter where they are. It provides a central hub that brings together all of your employee content, tools, and resources in one place. With Viva Connections, you can easily curate news, conversations, and insights from across the organization with customizable content for individual departments, teams, and users.

Viva Insights: Improve Productivity & Wellbeing

Viva Insights provides powerful analytical insights into the well-being of your people, helping to identify any weaknesses and areas for improvement. It’s also a great way to monitor employee engagement and performance in real-time so that you can quickly respond to issues and drive better results from your team.

Viva Topics: Organize & Structure Knowledge

Viva Topics provides a rich library of content, tools and resources to help your people develop their skills and knowledge. It uses the power of AI to automatically curate valuable content from industry experts and internal teams so that individual users can more easily find the resources they need to be successful in their roles.

Viva Learning: Prioritize Employee Growth & Development

Viva Learning helps your employees stay up to date with the latest skills and trends in their industries. It provides tailored learning paths for each individual, automatically selecting relevant courses and educational materials from a variety of internal and external sources. With Viva Learning, your people can stay ahead of the curve and build their skills for the future.

Viva Goals: Set Organizational Goals

Viva Goals empowers teams to set and track progress on objectives with a central OKR management hub that helps everyone stay on track. It also contains powerful performance analytics to measure progress against goals and provide feedback to help teams reach their targets.

Viva Engage: Create & Retain Human Connections

Viva Engage is a Microsoft Teams app built on the discussion platform Yammer. It provides a central hub for employee conversations, enabling people to discuss ideas and share insights in real-time. Individuals can ask questions, give feedback, and engage with their peers from across the organization in an open and collaborative environment.

Our Microsoft Viva Services

Microsoft Viva integrates seamlessly into your current Microsoft 365 environment whether you are using your M365 subscription to its full capacity or would like to learn how to use it better. Our team of Viva experts can help you identify how your employee experience can be elevated, which areas to focus on (well-being, improving communications, etc.) and align the appropriate parts of Viva to address the selected areas. We can provide guidance, strategy, best practices and training to ensure user adoption and meet your unique business requirements.

Contact us to learn more about our Viva services.

Microsoft Viva Workshops

The Microsoft Viva workshops will help you discover how Microsoft Viva, an integrated platform built on top of Microsoft Teams, will help your people to be their best and to thrive in the new reality.