Optimize Your Infrastructure with Windows Server

Move your company into the future with Windows Server 2019. This latest version of Windows Server allows you to build a scalable, reliable, and customized IT infrastructure without compromising on your cybersecurity or general IT performance. With Windows Server’s powerful virtualization capabilities, you can build direct connections between your critical data centers and the cloud, which helps you increase your storage capacity and modernize your operations.

Windows Server Consultants

Key Benefits

Windows Server offers ease of management through its interface and delivers enhanced performance and security benefits.

Enhanced Cybersecurity

Enhanced Cybersecurity

Microsoft's Windows Server platform is a reliable, multi-layer security features enables you to control access permissions, monitor threats around the clock, protect your critical virtual infrastructure, secure customer data, and improve your overall cybersecurity compliance.

Improved Hybrid Environment

Modernize your existing infrastructure, storage, and applications with Windows Server. Through Azure services, Windows Server allows you to bring together your on-premises environment to the cloud, creating a dynamic, streamlined hybrid scenario.

Reduced Costs

Reduced Costs

Maximize your current investments and get the most out of your IT budget with Windows Server. By moving your operations to the cloud, you can minimize your capital expenditure and streamline running costs.


Unlimited Scalability

Agile and scalable, Windows Server allows you to increase your storage and usage capacity at any time. With Windows Server, you can seamlessly grow and expand your IT capabilities as your business needs evolve.

Managed IT Infrastructure Services

Softlanding’s Managed Services can support your Windows servers and IT operations to make sure they perform optimally.

Our Windows Server Management services support Windows Server 2012, 2016 and 2019 and include monitoring, maintenance, patching as well as incident management and response.

Our Managed Services team can help monitor, manage and patch your Windows Server.

Managed IT Infrastructure Services

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