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Softlanding is Canada’s leading IT consulting company in Vancouver and across Canada, specializing in SharePoint consulting services.

We help businesses and organizations nationwide expand their business productivity and overall performance using SharePoint’s powerful communication platform. We offer advanced consulting services designed to help personalize your Microsoft experience.

Take your business to the next level with professional SharePoint services in Toronto, Vancouver and nationwide.

Make The Most Out Of Your SharePoint Platform

We help organizations maximize the value of their SharePoint platform by providing end-to-end SharePoint development services. Our team of experts will help you create new ways to communicate and work together to ensure a robust collaborative environment and boost employee productivity as well as improve business performance.

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Our SharePoint Consulting Services

Softlanding offers a full range of SharePoint development services for all versions of SharePoint, including SharePoint 2019 and SharePoint Online. From initial planning to architecture design, migration or implementation, our architects, consultants and developers can help you in your SharePoint journey no matter where you are.

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SharePoint Workflows to Retire in 2020 — Implications for Your Business

Microsoft 365 is continually analyzed and updated to meet the needs of modern business. As more organizations migrate to the cloud, key services are adapted to improve performance and security. As part of this ongoing evolution, Microsoft will retire SharePoint workflows. The impact of this decision is likely to affect thousands of businesses across Canada, […]

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How AI Is Transforming the SharePoint Experience

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Choose Softlanding SharePoint Consulting Services

Softlanding is proud to work with over 100 team members across eight Canadian provinces to bring our clients the cloud transformation and workplace modernization they need to scale their businesses.

We understand the importance of creating an efficient and collaborative work environment — and that starts with the help of an experienced SharePoint consultant. We work with diverse industries across the country to automate their workflow processes, whether they’re migrating to the cloud or opting for a hybrid solution.

Our experienced consultants and support team will take the time to understand your organization’s goals and objectives to determine if the SharePoint platform is right for you.

Contact Softlanding today to find SharePoint services in Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton, and Vancouver.

Frequently Asked Questions About SharePoint Consulting

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is a web-based collaborative system that incorporates workflow applications, list databases, and other security features to facilitate collaboration and communication between business teams. Its highly customizable platform is designed for diverse industries and businesses across Canada.

What is SharePoint used for?

SharePoint is used to facilitate content management, business process automation, and collaboration among teams within an organization.

Its customizable platform allows employees to work together to create specific solutions and establish standard practices for recording data, document publishing, and sharing information. SharePoint is designed to provide enhanced security, compliance improvements, and business support with zero maintenance.

How does SharePoint work?

Using advanced SharePoint workflows and applications, SharePoint allows organizations to create advanced and flexible intranet sites. Users can access these sites to create, view, organize, and manage information.

SharePoint is an integral part of the Microsoft 365 suite and can be integrated with various Microsoft applications, including Teams, OneDrive, and Power Platform.

What is a SharePoint document library?

A SharePoint document library is a location on a site where users can upload, update, create, and collaborate on various files with internal team members. This library is linked in your files tab in Microsoft Teams and is available in your library viewer web parts which are loaded on your SharePoint team site’s home page.

How to create a SharePoint site

If you’re interested in creating a SharePoint site, a SharePoint consultant can help you through the initial steps and ensure you have the information and resources to create your ideal site.

They will make sure you have a Microsoft 365 account and that you’re set up with the right user privileges. Once you’re set up, you’ll find SharePoint on the app menu, and you’ll be prompted to choose between creating a team or communication site. A communication site includes company updates and HR announcements, while a team site involves employee collaboration and communication.

How to create a list in SharePoint

SharePoint lists allow you to track inventory, contacts, routines, and issues using the program’s custom configurations.

First, locate a modern SharePoint site in your Microsoft 365 services, then select New > List from the command bar.

To create your own list panel you’ll need to title your project and select Create, where you’ll be redirected to the Projects list. Once you’ve arrived, select + Add Column followed by an Owner and Person column type. In the Create a Column panel, enter:

  • Name: Owner
  • Description: Project owner

Lastly, to add this new column to the Projects list, select Save, and you’ve just created your first SharePoint list.

What is SharePoint consulting?

SharePoint consulting is a service offered by professional IT consulting service providers that helps businesses and organizations maximize the value of the platform and create a robust, collaborative environment for internal employees.

Why do I need a SharePoint consultant?

A SharePoint consultant will work with you to determine your business goals and objectives and help you understand how Microsoft 365 programs like SharePoint can help you get there.

At Softlanding, we provide the support and advice our clients need to determine if they should upgrade to the latest version of SharePoint, migrate to the cloud or opt for a hybrid solution. We offer full-range consulting services designed to personalize the external and internal capabilities of your SharePoint site and ensure you have the features necessary to foster a more efficient and collaborative working environment, including custom themes, templates, and layouts.

When to look for a SharePoint consultant?

There are several situations in which seeking a SharePoint consultant may be the right choice for your business, including:

  • You’re interested in upgrading and fully utilizing your current SharePoint platform
  • Your in-house resources are unable to keep up with your business goals
  • You have a one-off project and hiring in-house isn’t efficient or cost-effective
  • You’re looking for a better way to improve communication and collaboration within your team

At Softlanding, we work with businesses and organizations across Canada to help them define their goals and objectives to determine if our SharePoint consulting services are the right fit.

SharePoint vs. OneDrive

While both SharePoint and OneDrive provide users with a space to access files online and are a part of Microsoft 365, each program offers unique capabilities that can determine which is a greater benefit to businesses in Canada.

SharePoint’s capabilities go beyond storing files. This program allows teams to connect over business-related documents and circulate company updates with greater efficiency. SharePoint sites have two main functions. The first is a team site, which allows users to share content and resources and collaborate on files. The second is a communication site, which allows users to create short and long-form updates within a team or the entire company.

OneDrive is a cloud-based service that lets multiple users work on files simultaneously with remote access and share various files and folders. OneDrive can instantly sync files, allowing users to access them on multiple devices and is best suited for clients looking for personal storage solutions.

Why do companies use SharePoint?

Companies use SharePoint because it’s known as the most trusted technology for intranet networks and is recognized as an industry standard. It provides a wide range of intranet features, including asset libraries, document and task management, and security information management.

Which industries can benefit from SharePoint consulting?

At Softlanding, we work with clients across a wide range of industries to engage in operational improvements and effective cloud transformations using SharePoint’s dynamic and flexible platform, including:

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • IT Services
  • Government Administration
  • Financial Services

When enlisting the help of our professional managed IT service in Vancouver, our SharePoint consultants will evaluate your current business practices and ensure we’re customizing the SharePoint management platform and search capabilities to meet your needs.

What sets Softlanding apart from other SharePoint consultants?

At Softlanding, we’re proud to offer innovative end-to-end IT-managed solutions, including an extensive knowledge of SharePoint and its scalable capabilities.

If you’re looking for a streamlined way to leverage all the features and benefits found with Microsoft 365, our SharePoint consultants will help you understand the full scope of this industry-leading platform.

Your experienced SharePoint consultant will tailor your program according to your business’s goals and objectives, ensuring it’s the perfect fit for your company culture. We understand the challenges involved in improving the way your team communicates and collaborates and will work diligently to ensure your SharePoint journey is efficient every step of the way, from initial planning and architectural design to migration and implementation.

As a business or organization in Canada, you have a responsibility to foster teamwork and collaboration within your daily operations, while simultaneously managing content and applications over your private communications network.

A SharePoint consultant from Softlanding can help you get there.

How much does a SharePoint consultant cost?

The cost of hiring a SharePoint consultant may depend on the scale and complexity of the migration and implementation process.

At Softlanding, we work with businesses and organizations across Canada to provide quality-SharePoint managed services at fair and competitive prices. We’ll identify your SharePoint needs and determine the scope of services required before providing a comprehensive cost breakdown.

Where can I find a SharePoint consultant near me?

If you’re looking for customizable workplace solutions, trust Softlanding.

With over 20 years of experience, we understand what businesses and organizations in Canada need to increase workplace efficiency, collaboration, and communication. Our SharePoint consulting services are designed to streamline your current processes and meet your daily business demands.

We offer managed IT productivity and security services across Canada, including Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton, Vancouver, and Calgary.

Find a SharePoint consultant today.