Current Trends

Associations and government industries face uncertain and limited financial capacity forcing organizations to push IT investment to the side. Additionally, government and associations need to ensure that they fully comply with strict legislations and make sure that sensitive client information and documents are secure within borders.

At the same time, associations and governments expect technology to enhance productivity, reduce overhead costs, improve communication, and allow employees to work from anywhere on any device securely. The challenge of reducing IT infrastructure, staying secure, agile and compliant all under a limited budget is a solution that technology and proper services around it can fix.

Technology through Cloud Computing is helping associations and government industries adapt to changes at a more rapid pace - to scale-up and down based on needs and to become more agile and secure with data and internal information.

A Cloud-based, Secure and Private Employee Portal for BC's Public Sector  

'Government Mobile Workforce Essentials'

Many organizations today make investments in intranets, HR portals, scheduling systems, and other key IT assets. However, there is a challenge for
organizations to securely and safely expose these resources to employees who don’t have company-issued devices on their corporate network. Government Mobile Workforce Essentials enables workers to access their intranet and internal IT systems from home and from their smartphones, protected by multi-factor authentication, risk-based authorization policies, and single sign-on.

Softlanding’s Government Mobile Workforce Essentials solution leverages both Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility & Security Suite (EMS) and Azure Active Directory Premium (AADP) as its centerpiece technologies. Government Mobile Workforce Essentials provides customizations to its core systems to ensure that no personal information (PI) is stored outside Canada without consent, as per BC’s Freedom of Information of Privacy Act (BC FIPPA) requirements.

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Predominant Technologies Adopted

Adopting BC FIPPA Compliant Cloud Technologies 

Double-down on cloud-technology to enable auxiliary workers to access internal employee portals from their personal devices securely and fully compliant with BC's FIPPA regulations.

Cloud Envisioning Workshop

Connect strategy to execution - the Cloud through Office 365 and Azure is here for BC's public sector. Discover your Cloud roadmap with a three-day phased workshop aimed to identify the technical objectives and candidate workloads to migrate to the Microsoft cloud.

Security and Protection

Enterprise-grade security within Office 365 that detects threats, spam and malware.

Employee Intranet Portal

Alignment of internal documents and communication structures through a Corporate Intranet Portal.

Compliance through eDiscovery and Records Management

Ensure compliance with hybrid SharePoint and Office 365 deployments.

Training and Adoption

Better adoption of technology through Training and Adoption.

Case Studies

A Total Cloud IT Managed Service Solution

Tides Canada leans on an IT Managed Services Provider to monitor, manage and resolve IT systems so they can focus on what’s important - their business.

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Tides Canada

Strategic IT to Support Organizational Change

The BC First Nations Health Authority finds a strategic partner for a major transition, plus continued IT support for successful delivery of essential services.

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