Migration Journey

The cloud is an important journey that will soon tale first priority for organizations looking to grow their business. However, balancing the value and risk of the workloads your organization chooses to move to the cloud requires effective cloud strategy and planning.

Softlanding focuses on starting with identifying the key business objectives for moving to the cloud. Once both the organization and Softlanding have established the goals, the next step is to present the latest trends and overview of cloud technologies. Once the organization has gained an understanding of options available, Softlanding assists with the creation of a multi-phase roadmap outlining an effective cloud migration path.

Why is Cloud Migration Planning Important?


Ensure Optimal Use of Technology by Providing Vision and Goals

Rather than implementing technology just for the sake of shiny features, establishing the organization's goals and priorities ensures real value is being added and real problems are being solved

Mitigate Risk

A key component of a cloud migration engagement is to identify and mitigate any risk associated with moving workloads to the cloud

Plan Your Organizational Change

It is imperative to assess the impact of any technology change on the organization. By establishing a roadmap, change can be introduced gradually and managed effcetively

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