“Worry-free” support for organizations not in the business of IT

IT is a prerequisite for doing business today - it should also be a business differentiator.  At Softlanding, our 'ROI' IT Managed Services is all about outstanding customer service combined with powerful insight, award-winning consultancy and seamless performance you can rely on to not only keep the lights on but make IT a business differentiator. 


Why are our Managed Services unique?

1. Enterprise-grade Expertise 

They say it 'takes a village to raise a child' - in this case, it just takes one hire. 

At Softlanding our 'ROI' IT Managed Services are designed for organizations that range from 75-500 in staff looking for an enterprise-caliber service provider with a deep technical bench of IT best practices, strategies and technology platform experience.   As one of three  'Tier-1' Microsoft Gold Competency partners, we are experienced to work alongside your organization to either support your in-house team by taking on sustainment responsibility for specific technologies or helping you transform your technology challenges into strategic business assets.


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2. Our Transparency

Honesty is the best policy and we're a firm believer in that.

Born and bred in Vancouver, BC - our entire Managed Services support team is based and operated in Canada! Full transparency and accountability are baked into our service offerings through full cost breakdowns, monthly meeting minutes and performance reports using live data captured on a PowerBI dashboard.

At Softlanding, our 'ROI' IT Managed Services are designed with a different incentive. With our Shared Services Pool, your unused monthly investment will be bucketed towards strategic projects to get you towards your ideal IT end-goal.



3. Business Transformation

A traditional MSP's happiest day is when their customers don't call; Our happiest day is when we bring you one step closer to your IT goal.

The cloud is bringing enterprise-technologies to smaller organizations - but you need an enterprise-caliber provider to deliver. At Softlanding, our 'ROI' IT Managed Services are designed with a different incentive. With our Shared Services Pool, your unused monthly investment will be bucketed towards strategic projects to get you towards your ideal IT end-goal.

Are you ready to go on a journey?


Because managing servers and mailboxes aren’t your core business - let us take it off
your plate. With Softlanding IT ROI, you can expect the highest level of Information Technology sustainment and support services which can range from monitoring and management of the infrastructure through consultation, configuration, training, support and vCIO services.

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Office 365 ROI

The Softlanding Office 365 ROI service offering is designed to provide comprehensive Microsoft Office 365 platform management, adoption planning, analytics, training, and support services to ensure a smooth transition to cloud-based services and the ongoing return on your investment into Office 365.

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Azure ROI

Softlanding’s Azure ROI Managed Services is designed to provide the best people and processes to ensure your Azure based infrastructure is running optimally so that your IT staff can shift their focus to high-value activities that directly benefit the needs of the organization.  Core services include service management, monitoring, proactive management, managed security, incident response, resource optimization, and executive reporting.

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SharePoint ROI

Softlanding is a long established leader in deploying and managing SharePoint solutions for a wide variety of private, public and government organizations. The SharePoint ROI service incorporates operational and sustainment best practices, deep product expertise and a managed services discipline into a comprehensive, fixed monthly cost sustainment offering.

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Exchange ROI

ExchangeROI combines the accumulated knowledge and experience acquired over many years of providing Exchange services to private and public sector organizations with operational and platform management best practices as a Microsoft Gold Partner. Softlanding can help you manage your Microsoft Exchange infrastructure, freeing you to focus on growing your business.

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Skype ROI

A top-notch unified communications solution is one of the most essential pieces of an efficient and integrated business which can be achieved with Skype for Business. However, the cost and complexity of achieving long-term optimal maintenance of Skype for Business can be a challenge - which is why Softlanding designed SkypeROI.

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