Realizing the full 'Return on Investment' of your Technology

While technology presents powerful opportunities for enterprised, they also introduce challenges. No longer can IT departments standardize on one or two computer models and a short list of approved applications. The influx of responsibility for the in-house IT services exacerbates the lack of time, resources, and expertise to maintain the technology for optimal efficiency and reliability.

For many organizations, those challenges add up to significant expenses: the cost of hiring and training qualified workers, keeping systems up to date and secure, and modernizing applications to keep with business objectives. Rather than struggle to keep up with technology, organizations turn to Softlanding's Managed 'ROI' Services to help transform technology challenges into strategic business assets.


Creating Competitive Advantages with Transformational Services

Softlanding's ROI Managed Services ensure your IT is a business catalyst. At Softlanding, our value starts with you. 

As a service integrator, Softlanding enables optimized productivity for your workforce by balancing performance, flexibility, cost, and security. Softlanding's philosophy is structured around the sole aim of becoming a partner to our clients, not a vendor. Our ROI Managed Services offerings are carefully designed to provide true 'ROI', empowering enterprises to focus on transformative gains and work towards IT goals through our Accruable Shared Service Pool, Strategic IT Planning, and a vast portfolio of transformative services. 

We pride ourselves as a Tier 1, award-winning Microsoft Gold Partner providing a unique Managed Services experience for clients with our Enterprise-grade Experience, Transparent Costs, and Business Transformative services.

  1. We provide Enterprise-grade Expertise with 9 Microsoft Partner competencies specializing in technology platforms, leveraging a combination of cloud, on-premises and hybrid configurations to increase productivity from the data center on out to end business users. 

  3. No two organizations are the same - which is why we don't use a "one size fits all" approach. At Softlanding, we believe in Transparent Costs, determining monthly costs cumulated on "known" activities (such as proactive and sustainment activities), hard costs (such as monitoring and software agents) and "unknown" requirements (such as reactive support, disaster recovery, problem escalations, development assistance, etc.). Rather than incorporate a "best guess" amount to cover off the unknowns, Softlanding includes a clearly defined and tracked Shared Service time allotment that can be used for any reactive/ad-hoc requirements that arise but can also be used for services that are traditionally out of scope in a fixed. 


  5. Business Transformation is our main goal. Rather than acting as purely a reactive managed services provider, Softlanding works with your organization as a partner to uncover transformative wins. Our Accruable Shared Service Pool and Strategic IT Planning provide enterprise-caliber consulting services catered to your business. With your end-goal in mind, who better to get you towards your ideal IT goal.


Monthly Fixed Fee Costs

Reduce the ambiguity of budgetary costs with monthly fixed costs for the sustainment of your environment.

Holistic Approach to IT

Access a team of highly skilled and accredited technical consultants to monitor and deliver enterprise-class solutions.

On-going Platform Monitoring and Proactive Maintenance

Utilizing tools like Power BI, we obtain real-time business analytics to access the health and security of your environment.

Accruable Shared Service Pool

Roll-over unused support hours, month-to-month to be redeemed for Tier 3 service escalation, training, disaster recovery and/or strategic planning within our Transformational Services Portfolio.

End-to-end Infrastructure Support

Whether its SharePoint, Exchange, Skype for Business, System Center, Azure, O365 or your whole IT infrastructure - we got you covered so you can focus on what matters most - your business.

Strategic IT Planning

We have your end-goal in mind. With our Shared Services Pool, your unused monthly investment will be bucketed towards strategic projects to get you towards your ideal IT goal.

Our ROI Managed Services include



Softlanding's IT ROI services combine the personal touch of in-house IT with the depth and experience of a large scale IT projects & services team to help you manage your most complex infrastructure.

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Exchange ROI

Exchange ROI combines the accumulated knowledge and experience acquired over many years of providing Exchange services to help you manage your Microsoft Exchange infrastructure.

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Skype ROI

Skype ROI alleviates the cost and complexity of achieving long-term optimal maintenance of your organization's unified communications solution through the Skype for Business Platform.

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SharePoint ROI

Softlanding offers SharePoint managed services to monitor and manage your SharePoint infrastructure, so you can focus on what matters most - your business.

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System Center ROI

System Center ROI is inclusive of consulting, deployment and support for platforms like Service Manager, Configuration Manager, Operations Manager, and more to ensure your data center is appropriately capable, efficient, and designed to grow with your business needs.

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System Center Service Manager ROI

Softlanding's SCSM ROI helps you deploy and utilize everything SCSM has to offer. Empower your users through automated self-service portal offerings while connecting your analysts to the latest infrastructure incidents through SCOM integration.

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System Centre Operations Manager ROI

Softlanding's SCOM ROI is centered on the management of the core SCOM environment itself, ensuring your organization is equipped with the most accurate and complete picture of your infrastructure's health and performance.

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System Center Configuration Manager ROI

Softlanding's SCCM ROI gives you total asset control so that you can make informed business decisions while adapting to a fast-paced and ever-changing technology landscape.

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"Softlanding has exceeded our expectations in understanding our organization inside and out to provide us with trustworthy technology solutions within our means. They have our best interests in mind, acting more like a partner than a vendor. Their transferable support bucket helps us save for future technology investments."
Elena Yepes
IT Manager, Tides Canada