Streamline Your Business Processes With Automation

Business Process Automation enables organizations to automate and optimize tasks, integrate multiple applications and processes, as well as boost the productivity of your organization's users.

Softlanding has extensive experience helping organizations implement and realize the benefits of automating business processes through service offerings that include solution design, implementation, training and sustainment.

Our consultants have assisted numerous organizations in the rollout of business process automation leveraging:

  • Office 365 - SharePoint Designer Workflows, Flow, PowerApps
  • Custom Solutions - Azure PaaS
  • Third Party Products such as Nintex

Benefits of Business Process Automation include:


Reduction of costs and errors

Automation ensures that every action is performed identically - resulting in high quality, reliable results using fewer resources

Ensures adherence to mandated processes and policies

The reliability of business process automation ensures that processes essential for corporate governance are executed 100% of the time in accordance with mandated processes and policies

Enables integration with multiple systems and applications

Business Processes automation can integrate systems and applications that were originally siloed within the financial, sales and support department

Frees up employees to focus on other tasks

Manual tasks tale time. Automation allows you to get more done in the same amount of time, greatly increasing productivity and your employee's levels of motivation