Stay One Step Ahead of Evolving Threats

With the surge of sophisticated attacks targeting intellectual property and customer records, every organization is at risk.  

Attack motives have changed from simply taking systems offline to hold data or devices hostage until the owner pays the demanded ransom. Modern attacks increasingly focus on large-scale intellectual property theft, targeted system degradation and even the security of individuals.  For this reason, not only IT departments but boards need to be better informed on the gravity of cybersecurity breaches amongst five of the most common layers of access: Users, Devices, Data, Apps and Network. Evaluating the practices, processes, and architecture of these five layers is crucial in better-protecting your business from potential breaches. 

Softlanding’s security services are designed to evaluate practices, procedures, and technical controls in alignment with ISO 27002 standards to uncover and prioritize technical and non-technical security gaps within your organization.

Our Security Services Include


Endpoint Security Assessment Workshop

Assess Security Risks and Endpoints to Improve Security Readiness. Identifying the five facets of security: Users, Devices, Data, Apps, and Network - Softlanding will provide a thorough investigation and whiteboarding to understand and demonstrate how strong each layer is. 

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ISO 27002 Security Assessment

Manage risk with a superior security assessment from Softlanding. Designed to evaluate practices, procedures and technical controls in alignment with ISO 27002 standards.

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Modern IT Enterprise Security FastStart

Softlanding’s Modern IT Enterprise Security FastStart is a five-day engagement that will cover the benefits of Microsoft’s enterprise security features and highlights how these will provide the utmost security protection for your organization through various workshops. 

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Windows 10 FastStart

Softlanding’s Windows 10 Fast Start is a five-day engagement that will cover the benefits of Modern Management with Windows 10 and highlight the Windows 10 features that will enhance business productivity, information security, and cost reduction.

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