Effectively Monitor with a Complete IT Service Management System

With the increasing demand to support bring-your-own-device (BYOD) scenarios, organizations are faced with the challenge of finding the right balance between allowing their employees to choose which devices they use while making sure those devices have access to the right set of applications while meeting corporate data protection and compliance requirements.

Microsoft's solution builds on market-leading client management by combining System Centre Configuration Manager with Microsoft Intune to provide organizations with a comprehensive, cross-platform, and user-centric way to deploy applications and manage users' devices, whether they are corporate-connected or cloud-based.

With Configuration Manager and Intune, organizations can enable their employees to choose devices, unify management infrastructure, and simplify IT administration. IT can deliver and manage consistent application experiences for employees based on their corporate identity, network connectivity, and device type, helping maintain productivity as employees use various devices throughout their day. Through a single infrastructure and administrative console, IT can manage PC's servers, mobile devices, endpoint protection, and virtual machines across various platforms, including WIndows, Linux/Unix, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android.

Key Benefits and Advantages of IT Systems Management


Unified Device Management

Manage users' devices, whether they're corporate-connected or cloud-based through a single pane of glass

Reduced Infrastructure Requirements

Simplify your infrastructure with a cross-platform and comprehensive platform through System Center Configuration Manager and Microsoft Intune

Integrated Anti-Malware Protection & Mangement

Stay protected with up-to-date security updates under Microsoft's protected network of products

Consistent Self-Service Access to Applications

Decrease the burden on IT technical where they can attend to real business matters rather than simple password resets

Software Update Management & Deployment

Easily upgrade and roll-back software updates through System Center Configuration Manager

OS Deplyment & Windows 10 Upgrades

OS deployments and Windows 10 upgrades are now easier with System Center Configuration Manager

"The worldwide smart connected device space will continue to surge with overall shipments surpassing 2 billion units by the end of 2015 with a market value of $735.1 billion"
IDC Press Release
"90 percent of enterprises will have two or more mobile operating systems to support in 2017"
Gartner Press Release