Make your organization safer and more efficient with Windows 10

Transitioning to Modern Management is crucial for business productivity enhancement, information security, and cost reduction. Windows 10 is an exemplary model to mitigate key business challenges by reducing IT management costs, improving security, driving new business, and improving your return on investment. With a comprehensive 5-day engagement strategy, your organization can be well-informed of and transition-ready for the latest features to enable better device management and the most secure tools for productivity enhancement in Windows 10.



Softlanding’s Windows 10 Fast Start is a five-day engagement that will cover the benefits of Modern Management with Windows 10 and highlight the Windows 10 features that will enhance business productivity, information security, and cost reduction. We will then guide you through the process of reviewing your existing management landscape and provide you
with a recommendation on preparatory activities for the deployment and management of Windows 10.


The Windows 10 FastStart includes:


  • Windows 10 Fundamentals*: Review the latest and greatest in Windows 10 features, general UI experience, common Windows 10 customizations and Windows 10 servicing model

  • Windows 10 Deployment & Management*: Evolve & integrate existing management tools, covering topics, such as Image & Provisioning Profile Design, Microsoft inTune, Windows 7 & 8 in-place upgrades and new SCCM co-management features.

  • Windows 10 Insight & Analytics: Track upgrade readiness & progress, address compatibility issues, identify device health and update compliance all through a centralized reporting platform powered by the Microsoft Operations Management Suite.

  • Windows 10 Security: Review the latest security features in Windows 10 to help protect your organization from constantly evolving threats such as Windows Defender ATP, Exploit Guard, BitLocker, Windows Information Protection and Windows Hello for Business

  • GAP Analysis: High-level assessment and report of your current environment and recommendation for preparatory activities to deploy and manage Windows 10

*Customize Windows 10 Fundamentals education, management and deployment activities based on your organizational needs.

Benefits of Windows 10

Simple, Flexible, Modern Device Management

Work on any device, anywhere, is the cornerstone surrounding Modern Management in Windows 10. Flexible management options, such as inTune, provide an effective, out of the box experience as opposed to the traditional, complex, and costly management tools used today. With better control over managed devices on-premise, in the wild, and virtually through the cloud, your organization can support various operating systems across a wide range of device types.

Data-driven Insights & Analytics

Windows Analytics allows for reduced costs of deploying, servicing and supporting Windows 10 devices through data-driven and deep insights into compliancy, upgrade readiness and device health. Coupled with inventory assistance, guided workflows, and effective tools, Windows Analytics will help increase the speed and effectiveness of your Windows 10 deployment and on-going management.

Comprehensive, Real-Time Security Defense

Windows 10 security defences focus on prebreach threat resistance, post-breach detection and response, information protection, device security through the cloud, vast optics, and machine learning to respond to and guard against emerging threats. Windows Defender, Advanced Threat Protection detects, investigates, and responds to attacks to safeguard your business’ operations and confidential data.