Involve Softlanding at the early stage of a Merger & Acquisition to build a solid IT roadmap and ensure both companies will realize the most value out of the deal and are successfully set for growth.

Manage IT to Successfully Solve Business Challenges & Drive Business Value

While IT is not the only driver of M&A integration success, its importance in business integration is crucial to ensure synergies and business processes are optimized to eventually solve business challenges and create value for both organizations. Involving your IT teams in the late stage of such a complex project might mean business disruption as well as risks and difficulties to reconcile two systems in a quick and efficient way.

Bringing the Softlanding experts in the early stage of the M&A process will give your team the tools to make the right strategic decisions while transforming challenges into opportunities

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M&A Services We Deliver

Our Merger & Acquisition services have been designed to optimize business processes and outcomes while tackling your most critical technology priorities. We have developed a four-stage methodology that takes the burden of consulting away and helps you better deal with risks while focusing on adoption & change management along the different phases to help you make better and faster decisions.

Comment ça marche

A four-stage proven methodology that helps you deal with risk management

During the M&A process, risk management cannot be overlooked and some common risks can be anticipated. Softlanding has developed a methodology, along with strategic and tactical playbooks, that follow a defined process for each workstream listed above in helping identify and manage risks during the overall process.

Softlanding’s methodology and approach is rooted in aligning IT priorities with the business goals of the acquisition, and is agile and flexible – with an inherent focus on adoption & change management to ensure business continuity and optimal end user experience throughout the process.