How Softlanding Can Help Your Accounting Business

Over the years, Softlanding has been working with many accounting firms and businesses. Helping them streamline their workflow and processes and ensuring all of their data is kept safe and easily accessible from anywhere when needed. Taking away the stresses that comes with IT so that you can run your business to its full potential.

By upgrading to SharePoint Online will improve your business’s efficiency in more than one way. The upgrade allowed you to centralize all of your resources, allowing for better communication and teamwork. Having control over what content you see will streamline your workflow and increase productivity. Upgrade today for a more efficient way to work.

  • Effortless Collaboration

  • Improved Productivity

  • Simplified Information Exchange

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RHN CPA is a full-service accounting firm with 4 locations across BC. They were looking for a trusted partner to help them seamlessly modernize their intranet to SharePoint Online.

Softlanding helped RHN to upgrade their SharePoint 2007 on-premises to SharePoint Online. SharePoint Online is a powerful business collaboration and content management platform providing integration features with other cloud applications to further increase productivity.

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“We have no reservations recommending Softlanding to anyone looking to improve their internal communications and resources.”


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