What is Microsoft Entra

Microsoft Entra is a comprehensive suite of identity and access management solutions designed to help businesses secure their networks and protect their data. It includes a range of customizable tools that allow businesses to take control of their digital identities. This helps keep out people with malicious intent.

As a Microsoft partner, Softlanding is fully equipped to deploy and implement these solutions for our clients. We have the skills and expertise needed to ensure a smooth and successful rollout of Entra, helping businesses to secure their networks and safeguard their valuable data.

Microsoft Entra’s Key Features

Microsoft Entra’s key features include:

  • Azure AD – a cloud-based identity and access management service
  • Verified ID – for user verification to reduce the risk of identity-related attacks
  • Permissions Management – a tool that allows businesses to manage user permissions and access to sensitive data
  • Identity Governance suite – tools that help businesses ensure compliance with identity-related regulations and policies.

Leverage Microsoft Entra’s key features and enjoy data security and safety.

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)

Azure AD is a powerful tool for businesses looking to secure their networks and data. It offers a cloud-based identity management service to manage user permissions, set up multi-factor authentication, and track user activity. This allows businesses to confidently and securely manage access to their networks and applications.

Microsoft Entra Verified ID

Verified ID is a valuable service that helps businesses cover themselves against identity-related attacks by verifying the identity of their users. It reduces the risk of unauthorized access to critical information and makes it easy to detect and block unauthorized user attempts. Manage your business and your sensitive data with Verified ID.

Microsoft Entra Permissions Management

Permissions Management is a powerful tool that allows businesses to control access to sensitive data. It enables granular access controls so that only users with credentials can access the data they need, helping to prevent unauthorized access and keep your business’s data safe. Secure your data with Permissions Management.

Microsoft Entra Workload Identities (Preview)

Workload Identities is a preview service that helps businesses easily manage access to their cloud resources. It enables businesses to set up and manage access to sensitive information critical to the overall functioning of the business, keeping data secure. Simplify access management for your cloud resources with Workload Identities.

Microsoft Entra Identity Governance

Identity Governance is a comprehensive suite of tools that helps businesses stay compliant with identity-related regulations and policies. With this feature, businesses can easily set up and enforce policies for managing and securing digital identities and track and report on compliance with these policies. Keep your information safe and ensure compliance with Identity Governance.

Microsoft Entra Professional Services

As a long-established Microsoft partner, Softlanding can help you implement Microsoft Entra to help your organization secure its networks and protect its data.
Our team of experts can help you bolster your security posture with Microsoft Entra and achieve data security and safety.

Secure Identities and Access Workshop

With identity attacks on the rise, this workshop will show you how to stop tomorrow’s data breaches by securing identities today.

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