Protect, Secure & Empower

Microsoft EMS gives you the resources needed to integrate security standards between devices and services. From BYOD to access management, EMS offers consistency and control over user privacy, device management, application deployment, and more.

EMS is designed to secure your organization while empowering your people to work in new and flexible ways. Freedom and security can go hand in hand, with Microsoft EMS based on conditional access, secure collaboration, and data protection across devices and applications.


Enterprise Mobility Key Features

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security enables your organization to increase the security features of Windows 10 and Office 365 while empowering your employees to work from anywhere, anytime.

Microsoft EMS Professional Services

Softlanding can help you deploy Microsoft EMS to help protect and secure your organization while keeping your employees productive.

Our Enterprise Mobility Consultants at Softlanding can design and deploy EMS seamlessly to give your teams the freedom to work from anywhere while giving you the peace of mind to protect and secure your organization

Security Optimization

Managed IT Security Services

Our Managed Security services arm you with comprehensive, yet flexible services to monitor, maintain, and optimize your IT environment. Together, we will help you efficiently support, manage and maintain Microsoft EMS to ensure proactive security.

MS Security FI 2 1

Next Gen Windows Workshop

During this workshop, Softlanding will partner with you to help you manage virtual endpoints and implement best practices for endpoint management with Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

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