How Softlanding Can Help Your Law Firm

With increasing regulation around privacy and data security (e.g. PIPEDA), it is crucial for law firms to have effective IT solutions in place to keep your law practice as safe as possible and protect confidential client information.

At Softlanding, we know the challenges that many law firms face: risk management, data privacy and regulatory compliance are just a few of the issues that legal practices need to consider when implementing and using technology. Our experts understand these challenges and provide a proactive approach to managed IT services to help protect your law practice and thrive in a changing landscape.

Softlanding has been a trusted partner for many law firms for the past 20 years. We’ve helped various legal firms leverage technology as a winning strategy to boost productivity and keep their organization on the cutting edge of security.



Thorsteinssons was looking to develop a remote solution for staff who had a no remote access to their desktop. They had a rudimentary VPN solution that wasn’t scaled to the entire office or available to everyone, and was technically complex for the general user.

With a global pandemic imminent, Softlanding was approached to spearhead the project because their status as a strategic Microsoft partner and their history of successful implementations.


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“I chose Softlanding as a trusted advisor and solution provider for our Azure and adoption initiatives. At a time when our entire workforce needed the perfect work from home solution, Softlanding provided the expertise and deployment services in record time. Our Azure based virtual desktop deployment was designed and customized perfectly to our needs.”


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