Turn Data into Meaningful Insights

Azure Data Factory transforms raw data storage and processing systems into meaningful insights for decision-makers. Built to meet the demands of complex extract-transform-load (ETL), extract-load-transform (ELT), and data integration projects, the Data Factory is scalable, reliable, and transformative.

This managed cloud service provides an intuitive visual environment to accelerate data integration. There are 90+ natively built and maintenance-free connectors, integration with data stores such as Azure SQL Data Warehouse, and the ability to write your own code for true customization.

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Key Benefits

Azure Data Factory allows businesses to integrate different data sources, solve problems related to data sources, integration, and productivity.

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Data Integration

Making sense of your data requires collection, mapping, and contextual understanding. Azure Data Factory groups activities in pipelines in order to perform specific tasks and create real business value.

enhanced productivity

Improved Productivity

The ability to develop comprehensive ETL and ELT processes improves productivity and efficiency. Azure Data Factory works with data through three types of activities: data movement activities, data transformation activities, and control activities.

Prebuilt Connectors

Prebuilt Connectors

Data transformation can be incredibly complex and time-consuming when you start from scratch. With Azure Data Factory, you can access 90+ prebuilt connectors, including Azure data services, on-premises data sources, Amazon S3 and Redshift, and Google BigQuery.

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Global Cloud Presence

When it comes to data management and control, accessibility is just as important as performance. Azure Data Factory offers a true global cloud presence, with data-movement available in more than 25 countries and protected by Azure security infrastructure.

Azure Data Factory Consulting

Step up your data insights and cloud storage while simultaneously solving integration from dissimilar sources. If you have an Azure Data Factory Project, please contact us.

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