Get The Highest Level of Security & Protection with Microsoft 365 Defender

As IT environments are becoming more complex with an increasing number of devices, remote work that has become the new normal, and cyberattacks that become more sophisticated every year, IT and security professionals need ‘simplification’ when it comes to cybersecurity.

Microsoft 365 Defender provides a clear picture of different security tools under one unified view to protect, detect, automate investigation and respond to each threat. This way, your IT team saves time and can be more efficient if an attack arises.


Key Features

Microsoft Defender is a pre-and post-breach enterprise defense suite that unifies your incident response process by coordinating key capabilities across Microsoft for Endpoint, Microsoft Defender for Office 365, Microsoft Cloud App Security , and Microsoft Defender for identity.

Professional Services

Softlanding can help you deploy Microsoft 365 Defender to help protect your IT environment at the highest level.

Whether you want to take advantage of Microsoft 365 Defender as a whole or by the service you need the most, our security experts can guide you through your security journey to better manage mobile devices, apps, and the various user requirements related to remote working.

Security Optimization

Managed IT Security Services

Our Managed Security services arm you with comprehensive, yet flexible services to monitor, maintain, and optimize your IT environment.

Together, we will help you efficiently support, manage and maintain Microsoft 365 Defender to ensure proactive security.

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Threat Protection Engagement

Organizations today are managing a growing volume of data and alerts while dealing with tight budgets and vulnerable legacy systems. Get help achieving your broader security objectives—and  identify current and real threats—by scheduling a Threat Protection Engagement.

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